Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday gets things done!

Well, still didn't have any thoughts what to do today for sewing this morning, so I didn't just jump into doing anything. When it was afternoon and I hadn't found anything I figured it was time to do what I had to. I decided to make the final touches for the Momoko I dressed on Friday. She only needed two things, so it was quick fix. I started off with her socks, since I had to figure out how to make her tie. I was making some yellow socks for her to match the yellow teen Skipper loafers I had (Akikio wears the same mold only in red). I then discovered that the yellow of the shoes and socks were not a good match. Also with her lower half covered in yellow it was just too much for the outfit. Of course I only found this out when I had finished both of the socks. So I ended up having to make another pair, in white. I also made them a bit shorter, only to the middle of the calf. I also toyed around with using different shoes with this look, but once I had the white socks the yellow loafers weren't that jarring. Also they fit her feet over the socks, so I was sold. It's just annoying that I've got a pair of yellow knee socks for the Momoko's that I'll never use. I only have four of them, and right now they're all dressed. I guess that means I'll just have to get more!
After I was done with the socks (both pairs), I moved onto the tie. I had made one a while back, but was unhappy that I couldn't get the point on it, like an actual tie. This time I made one with a point, but it was much too big. Serves me right for using a Ken pattern for it. So it got me thinking, I liked the first one I made, except for that small fact, if I tucked it in, inside the jumper, we'd never see that. So why make another one? So the tie that I made today ended up into the box, but I don't think I'll ever need it. It's going to be one of those things that just lives there. And then I was done dressing my final Momoko! I also gave her the underskirt that I made for Sindy when she was getting this outfit. It helped made the skirt flair out nicely. I think it gives her a nice "Irish School Girl" look. But she shares several themes with the other Momoko's, pleated skirts and knee socks. At least I'm consistent?

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