Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday again?

Typewriter Thursday was a no go today. I think a poor night's sleep did me in. When I sat down to write, I just couldn't get into it. Although I did try, but there's only so long you can stare at a word document before you get bored of not being able to type anything. Nothing came to me to write down, so I think I still need some thinking time for what I want to write next. Hopefully I'll come up with something in time for my next writing day, but we will see. When I gave up on getting my two pages I did some technical stuff in the section I'm going to work on next. Did some editing, wrote a few story notes, and began the section. Got maybe a half paragraph written. I'm really starting to feel that when I'm done with the section I'm currently working on, I'm really going to be able to sink my teeth into this next section. I just need to find a song that helps me get into the mindset. I love writing when listening to music, really helps set the mood, but there's time to find something, not working on that section yet.
After that I really didn't do much, tried to get some sewing done, but didn't like anything that I was working with. Made a few attempts, but nothing really took. I'm still working on dressing that Asian Integrity Toys dolls (and I am working with your suggestions of suits Lyndsey), but she's not making it easy. Not sure when she's going to get dressed, but it certainly isn't today. I'm thinking there's still hope for something I made today, but in a different application. It's not finished, but I'm sure you'll see it soon. After all, tomorrow is "Finish it up Friday."
Oh, and before I forget, my Grandparent's will be coming through a week from tomorrow as they travel back from Florida to Connecticut, so I'm going to have to go though another one of my cleaning sprees making sure everything is perfect. That means all my current projects are on hold until then. I might still get a chance to do some sewing, but nothing definite. Just a general heads up.

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