Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday is a bunch of stuff!

This morning was an interesting one, but still I did sit myself down to write (staying on schedule). And I actually did write. I continued to work on "Jadillo Cookout", still avoiding working on "Meeting Room Chat", which is not good but I will admit I get the most work done when I'm avoiding something else. I started off a little stuck, not really sure where this section was going to go. I was having a real hard time getting into where I was, and I even thought about skipping today's writing, but I stuck with it. I managed to get about a half page of shaky writing done before I had to stop and ask someone a technical question. That lead to a discussion where I was able to talk and explain situations and actions that I was having trouble putting words to. When I went back to my writing I managed to get three pages completed in the section. This section started off at about four pages before I started editing it, right now I'm on the top of page eight, and there's still about a page or so of material to work though, this section might end up being ten pages! That's just mind blowing to me.
I was lucky because when I was running out of steam on my writing project I got a chance to go shopping, and you know how much I love to do that! So I packed it in for the day and headed out, even though it was pouring. Ah, the things I do for new things. I didn't hurt that I needed some supplies for a project I'm working on. We ended up in a different part of town, near where my father works. I had never been to this section of town before, it was a bit rundown, pretty dismal looking. My father wanted to go to a pawn shop that he had seen and never been. At first I decided against it because it looked pretty creepy (he agreed), but when he asked me again I knew that he wanted to go so I agreed. It was .... sooooooooo creepy. Like I literally feared that I was going to get snatched from this place. I was super uncomfortable. They did have some newer collectible Barbies, but A. I didn't want them, and B. I certainly didn't want to buy any dolls in a place like that. It was really really creepy. I just wanted to get out of there. My dad felt the same way, and we left pretty quick, without getting anything. After that we went to Aldi's and Walmart, who didn't have what I needed for my project, I got something that might have worked, but I'm not really happy with it, so I may have to do something else. *Pout*
Anyway, the real fun part didn't happen until we went to Habitat for Humanity. They were still having their book sale so I really went crazy, getting books that I really wouldn't have other than the fact that they were only a dime for soft covered. I picked up Lauren Bacall's autobiography, Ingrid Bergman's autobiography, A biography about Jackie O (a pretty scandalous one!), Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier's, The Exorcist (Scary!), and a book about Cleopatra (Hardcover). I also picked up three more books, one for my father and two for my brother. Added to my final price was a small cabinet drawer that I got for another project, that my father's going to make for me. My grand total? 1.49, including tax. Everything over a dollar excluding books were 75 percent off. The store it moving soon and I think they are just trying to get rid of everything so they don't have to move it all.
Last time my father was there he saw a really interesting chair that he thought I might be interested in, and I saw it this time. I actually saw it independently and knew it was the chair he was talking about. Problem was it was ten dollars, and I don't need a chair that much, no matter how cool it was. After we had checked out, I commented that since everything's on sale it would have only been 2.50. This lead into a whole conversation about going back and looking at it. I said he could go back tomorrow (since he was in the area taking my brother to school), but he wanted me to make the final call on it. So we went back (which I felt super embarrassed about) to check it out. I did check it out in the store, it felt really comfortable, and even with all it's damage you really couldn't beat that price. So we got it, I made my Dad pay because I felt silly going back to the check out line. Weird I know, but that's me. The total for the chair? 2.70, not too shabby, although it was literally the last money my dad had. I will admit getting it into the car was a bit of a puzzle, it was too bulky for the trunk, so we had to do some shuffling to get it home.
At home I was able to look at it more. The arms were a little wobbly, but I was able to tighten them somewhat. I also was able to use the Walnut trick on the arms to make the damage on them less noticeable. I've already brought it upstairs and swapped out the folding chair I've been using for years. This is such a good upgrade, it's much better. The other one would get uncomfortable after sitting in it for a few hours, with made re-roots or any project where I was sitting for a long time unbearable, but now I can! I'm really starting to rack up some nice furniture, which is going to be bad because when I move, I can't take it with me for a while. But you know what, I can deal, and just enjoy my chair while I have it. It is really comfortable.

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