Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday is a busy day.

Even though I technically moved my first writing day of the week to Monday, I still did it today on it's more traditional day. I did that because yesterday I was out shopping, so I didn't get it done, but I still got it done this week. I think having Monday be the day that I plan to write with the next day as a back up will be a good situation for me. This way no matter what happens I'll still be able to get work on it done each week. And I did work on it today, point proven. I got two more pages done in "Jadillo Cookout", still having trouble working on "Meeting room Chat", but I know I'll come back to it. Right now in the part I'm working on is getting really expanded. Since it's a very early draft there's a lot that needs adapting. So much has changed or evolved so far, especially my writing. I'm going though and expanding and reworking a lot of what I've already written. While I like a lot of what I have already, there still needs to be some severe tweaking of parts. Re-reading what I've written some of it doesn't make sense, position wise. Characters are in situations based on where they're standing, but they're not standing in those spots... yet. Right now I have part A and part C, I just have to write part B. Which means I get to choreograph more action sequences! I like writing those, it's just more fun, plus the music I get to listen to when I write them is more fun. I just have to sit down and write it, but probably more about that on Thursday.
When I was done writing I worked on some sewing. While I don't have any official projects for a person per say, I still wanted to get something done for it. I decided it was time to sew a little black dress that I've been thinking about for the past week or so. It's made out of jersey knit, so I wanted to use the sewing machine for the practice. (Although, I don't think the person who messaged me on Flickr is going to follow though and have me make them some shirts, they haven't mentioned anything as of yet about it again, and they untagged me from the picture they posted of the skirts. Not a big deal since it was a bit of a daunting task, but still, why bother to ask me when they're not going to follow through? Weird.) Anyway, sewing the shirt part went smooth, except I did have to tear out one of the side seams and redo it. But when I went to attach the skirt... it was not a cute look. Where the skirt fell was right at the widest part of the hips making Charlotte look huge. At that point I was already over it (a common occurrence these days), so I stuck it into the box to deal with it later. I'm thinking that I'll just remove the skirt and finish by making it into a black turtleneck. I know, I already have several of those, but in all honestly I can always use more of them. I think someone is wearing the last one I made and there's no more spares in the clothing bags. But those plans may change, you never know how I'll fix a "failure" from that box, it might become a dress still, or maybe just food for the trash bag. (Om nom, nom!)
After that I took a break from sewing. Honestly I shouldn't be sewing to just sew something, usually the results are terrible and I just get mad over my failures. And while I know the best advice for myself, I very seldom follow it (Alice in Wonderland reference). So I ended up sewing again, avoiding the black dress, but something totally different. I was watching a video over on youtube and it had these women in some cute "country girl" outfits. Since I already had a pair of cut offs all I needed was the shirt. I decided to make it a little more modest than theirs, so I just used a shirt pattern that I had. I was using the same pattern as the shirt for Walk Lively Miss America, (different sleeves though) and the same material as what I just used for Christmas Ken. This actually came out pretty easily, including the inset sleeves. There's a bit of an issue with the collar, but it's decent enough. I managed to get it all done before I brought the dog in for the night, even though I had to fix the positioning of one of the snaps. After that I paired it with a pair of cut off shorts, (that I did not make, but did adapt) and a cargo vest (which I had no part of making or adapting). She's wearing the shoes from the Barbie Cheerleader reproduction, and I forget where the socks came from. Maybe the Micheal Banks doll? Can't remember, I like these shoes, but not in love with them for this outfit, I'll have to see if I have a better pair for this outfit, I'm thinking no.
That's all for today, no idea what to do tomorrow though!

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