Friday, March 11, 2011

Welcome back to the fold!

Finish it up Friday returned again after a several week hiatus, but I will say, I didn't really want to do it. I thought about skipping it again, but I couldn't think of anything better to do. I'd be willing to skip it if there was some project that I was dying to get to, but I don't have anything like that. So if I didn't work on this today I knew I would be just laying around, not doing anything productive today, like at all. So I made myself do it, forced myself into getting it done. And I did manage to get it completed, all five pieces today like it should be. And actually these things are a bit more likely to get used, compared to a lot of these things where I don't ever really plan on getting back to them.

I started off with this dress. This was one of may failures from the Mod project last month. It was a pattern that I drafted and working with, but I had some real terrible fit issues going on with it. There was no way it was going to fit Barbie, who at that time I was redressing. Today I pulled it out and tried it on Francie, it fit that body type much better, so I set out to finish it for that body type. Snaps, seam reinforcing, all that fun stuff. It's a cute little addition to the collection. From the front it looks nice, but the back is a bit of a mess. I'm thinking about leaving it on "Most Mod Party Becky" because I'm not satisfied with her outfit. But honestly, I'm not really into Becky as a whole, there's something odd about her, something a bit serial killer-ish. She was just cheap last year and I wanted to get her, but she has yet to live up to expectations.

After that I moved on to this shirt. It's a near replica of the shirt that belongs to the Little Red Riding Hood outfit. I made this one for Sindy when she was getting that jumper. I didn't finish either of them because I wasn't liking the look, and eventually went a different direction with Sindy (Who is still looking darling, by the way), so it stayed in the box. I actually got pretty far with this before I stopped working with it. All I had to do today was add two snaps to it and it was finished. I used Charlotte for sizing, but right now it's on Momoko and the difference isn't that noticeable (I planned that). I'm thinking that Momoko here is going to get redressed using this piece and the next one on our list.

Here we have the second part of the aborted Sindy outfit. This is the jumper made out of that John Deere fabric. I made two of them at the same time, but the other one stayed in the box. This one I had almost finished before I quit, so I wanted to finish it and get it out of the box, and onto a doll. I added the snaps in the back (Sized for Momoko, but easily adapted to fit Barbie), as well as the straps. With this, my final Momoko is dressed. All I have to do is make the accessories for this outfit. You know what's weird? All of my Momoko dolls are wearing pleated skirts. Just a theme in my collection, love the look.

After that I moved onto that failed black dress. I tore off the skirt, hemmed up the bottom (by hand, didn't bother with the machine), reinforced seams, fixed a armhole seam, added the collar (worst part), then added snaps. I added three snaps to this one, trying to get rid of some odd gaping that sometimes happens in these shirts in the back. I also added them at different spots and it did cut down on gaps. There's still more to do to make it perfect, but this was a step in the right direction. I'm sure if I was using velcro compared to snaps I wouldn't have this problem, but I don't want to use velcro, it always snags. I hate sewing snaps, but it's a necessary evil. And just like that I had another black turtleneck, and like always, I'm sure someone's going to need that at some point. Might be Charlotte herself.

Finally I reached my last item for the day, which was good because when I started I was unmotivated, by the finish I was getting super lazy. I picked out the sheath dress that I made for Vanessa out of that snakeskin material recently. This time I used Charlotte as a fit model, and wouldn't you know, it came out much easier. Vanessa seems to like being difficult. There were some fit issues that I struggled with today, especially in the waist. This was even more difficult because there was barely enough fabric to go around to the back. Luckily I was able to get it to fit in all places. I also went back and trimmed the insides of the shoulders to eliminate the bulk that was really bad there. Two snaps, some seam reinforcement and this bad boy was finished. Vanessa finally has a second choice of outfits, although it's the same fabric as part of her first outfit. Right now it's getting color fasted since I had a bit of a staining issue with the fabric the other time I used it. Also, here's the first picture of Vanessa here on the blog. Isn't she pretty? I just adore her, even is she is hard to dress.

And that was the final thing for the day. Even though I didn't want to start today I got several things done that are looking like they might get used. The box is still plenty full, so there's more to do for next week. So welcome back, "Finish it up Friday", you made a big dent in my snap supply. Still no clue what to do for tomorrow, but that's tomorrow's problem.


  1. Wow these things you've made are so beautiful!Nice work!

  2. Why thank you, your blog is pretty cool too, love your style!