Friday, March 4, 2011

Well, today flat out sucked...

I'm not going to mince words, I could have literally have stayed home today and had the exact same experience, or maybe one more fulfilling because I would have actually gotten something done. My morning started off like any other. I did have some more weird dreams last night, but a certain someone managed to stay the heck out of them, so that was good. My morning was pretty normal, since I was planning to go out I didn't start anything when I finished my regular morning routine. Just took a shower and got ready to go out. I did manage to put away all of my dry laundry, so that was good. Now I just have to put away whatever wasn't dry this morning, which isn't much.
At 12:30 we ended up leaving to go to Raleigh. We were going to pick up my sister's old futon and bring it back here. She had purchased a real sofa and was clearing out the old. We were actually a bit late getting onto the road, (we were planning on leaving at 12) but that's not a big deal, we rarely leave on time. We got to her apartment around 2:30ish, there wasn't a whole lot of traffic. Before we took her futon out she and her boyfriend took us out to a sports bar for lunch. It was a thank you for taking their futon. I had been there once before, but I still can't recall the name. I didn't find anything that I really wanted so I ended up sharing a "Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza" with my Dad. Basically it was a pizza with bacon, ground beef, and cheddar cheese. It was ... okay. Certainly nothing that I was in love with. I doubt that I would order it again. We had a few pieces left over and took them to go. We left them with my sister's boyfriend, neither my Dad or I were impressed.
After lunch we made a quick stop before heading back to the apartment. The restaurant was across the street from a Goodwill, so we stopped in. And wow, what a disappointment. Their toy section? It was literally full of Christmas decorations. I saw one, read that ONE toy that was actually for Children. It was an older (70's) Effenbee doll. She was cute but her face was pale, and I don't really have a need for a doll like that. Her clothes were cute, but not in a scale for anyone already in the collection, so I left her. They had a lot of clothes there, but I'm not really looking for anymore clothes right now, least not like that.
Back at the apartment we ended up taking the futon apart to fit it into the truck, I say we, but I was the only one that didn't do anything about that. Since it was all in pieces it went easily into the back. It was a tight fit, but we were able to even get the back to close. Even then I didn't have to carry much down, most of it was taken down by my sister's boyfriend. He even got the cushion that looked really bulky.
After we said our goodbyes, and were back in the truck we decided to hit up another second hand store. I had made a list of 5 stores in Raleigh and plugged their addresses into the GPS and found one about 15 minutes away, and we were off. This one was a different one, it was a local store, and all the proceeds went to a local animal shelter. And they didn't have a single toy either! I don't know why there's this embargo of toys in Raleigh, it's weird! My Dad ended up buying something for my brother and when we were checking out he pointed out that they had a vintage Ken in their display case. It was a number one with the flocked hair. He was wearing his original shorts, came with his stand, and had his box. He was part of a silent auction they do there. They had the paperwork near him. I glanced over at his sheet curiously. With this you had to raise the previous bid by five dollars, he was up to 25 already. I would had to bring it to 30 if I was interested, which I wasn't. Thirty dollars is a lot for me. Plus I'm sure I would have been out bid. Besides he really wasn't that impressive. He had some damage to his flocking, he wasn't wearing the rest of his stock outfit, there was no liner in the box, and the box itself wasn't in that good of a shape. Besides, I already have two of those dolls already, and since I'm not a box collector that wouldn't be much of a draw. So I left him, he was interesting to look at, but not interesting enough to make me want to bid. I don't remember how much I spent for my Ken;s, but I can tell you it was nowhere near to 30 dollars.
So empty handed I left another store. I asked my Dad if we passed a "K-mart, Walmart, or Target" could we stop in and see what they had? It's interesting to see what's different in another location. We found a K-mart along the way and stopped in. I found the toy section and browsed. I was hoping to find one of those Integrity Toys dolls they carry, but I didn't find any. I did find some knock offs, in Barbie size, but they were really cheap. Still cool to see though, haven't seen any like that in ages. I also found out that K-mart is more expensive than say Walmart, by a pretty big price difference. I did find their clearance section, which was nice. My Walmart never has anything really on sale. They had some Barbies, but nothing I really wanted or needed. I did really think about getting a Liv doll, but I ended up putting her back. I just wasn't in love with her. I was actually thinking about getting her for a body swap, but I honestly couldn't think of anyone that could use her body. She matched Vanessa, and I even thought about getting her for that reason, but the Liv body is much too young for Vanessa, not to mention short. Her clothing was interesting, but nothing I needed. Wasn't sure if her shoes were going to fit the Momoko dolls, but either way, I couldn't see them wearing that style. I just couldn't talk myself into getting her, so I put her back and left.
We made one final stop before getting home. One more desperate shot at me getting something for fun, a Walmart. In my defense it was on our way home, but I was still being spoiled. Again I found the Toy section and looked. They had the usual Barbie things, but they were more stocked than our local one. They had Gloom Beach Frankie, who I sort of want, but once again I passed. They had a few things that I was interested in, but nothing that I really wanted. I guess that's why I was so excited to shop in a second hand store, you never know what you'll find, besides I have all that I want from the current play lines. Although the only things I have from that are Ghoulia and a Barbie Horseback Riding outfit that I bought for the Boots (which I love). Even now every doll that can use a Fashionista body is on one, so until they come out with different skin tones, I'm done buying them. Right now I'm waiting for the next line to come out, although from what I'm seeing, not a lot of interesting things for next year (but I will admit that I don't know how much of what's coming out that I've seen, maybe there's something cool out there that I haven't seen yet.). All I know is that the most of what I've seen, all I want them for is body swaps. The light colored Barbie Basics for Vanessa, and maybe a new Fashionista body for Charlotte if they do make the new knee joint. But all that depends on how they look. All I've seen is them fully dressed, so that might be a deal breaker once they come out. This Walmart still had their fabric section, although it was squashed into a really small section. I glanced though it, but didn't find anything I really wanted or needed. So I left another store empty handed. (I do not like this turn of developments!)
So that was my day, not exciting, or interesting. Here's hoping that tomorrow's better.

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