Sunday, March 20, 2011

What a weird day...

Today was an incredibly exciting day, but it didn't start off that way. First off when I went downstairs for breakfast, I found out that Chester, the cat with an Iron stomach, had gotten into the cupcakes. The little bugger damaged FIVE of them! Two of them, he ate about half, so overnight the cat had more than a cupcake, the hairy jerk. Luckily he didn't seem to be suffering from any ill effects today, but he still shouldn't be eating any. He had only picked at one plate, which was the spare cupcake plate, so I still had enough. But then when I was getting all the stuff picked up to go to my sister's, I found out another pest had picked over the other plate. My brother had eaten several of those cupcakes, even though I TOLD him not to. Luckily there were enough unpicked cupcakes to bring a full plate. I also brought along the frosting that I had made, which was untouched.
The party itself went fine, was pretty low key. We watched a basketball game, followed by a repeat of "Project Runway", all in all kind of boring. We had talked about going to the Museum of Art, but decided against it because we had to call it an early night, my brother had a lot of homework for tomorrow. We had forgotten to mention it to my sister, so we accidentally sprung it on her. She then sprung something on us... she's getting married!
It was an absolute shock to all of us, we knew that she was in a serious relationship with her boyfriend, but they didn't seem in that much of a rush to get it official. But apparently they are. They haven't been planning for very long, but they're planning to get married in November, the 11th, up in Connecticut. She also said that she wanted me to be her male bridesmaid. (Is there an official term for that?) That was a bit shocking because I really don't think that she likes me that much to make me a part of her wedding. I was shocked to find out I was invited in the first place. So, originally we were going to leave at four, but after that announcement we were talking for several more hours. She had a notebook with ideas and thoughts. Right now she wants the color red to be featured a lot, and with hearts and ribbons. She asking for my help with it (am I really ready for something like this?), but I'm not really thinking about it now. Right now it's up to her to refine her thoughts and ideas to find out what she wants, after then I'll be more willing (and able) to help. But it's so weird, such a small change, but still so different. I'm sure the next few months are going to be a bit different, I've never been a part of a wedding before (even such a small one as this one's going to be)!


  1. name is James and i found you through Dorrie's Doll Diaries. I have not had time to read all your blogs, but I am a doll collector also. I live in Fayetteville NC. I would like to talk to you more about finding clothes to fit the body style of the Disney Tinkerbell dolls.

  2. Hi James, welcome to my blog. You're the third person (myself included) from NC that read's Dorrie's blog, small world huh?
    Now unfortunately I don't have any Tinkerbell dolls, but I'm more than willing to look into them to see what clothes they can use from other dolls. I assume you're talking about the fashion dolls ones and not the 18" ones?

  3. It is a small world. Yes these are the 10 " Tinkerbell dolls. I have one with red hair and two more that i bought to switch out with a Whitney head from a Mac Donald's happy meal from 1995. To make a long story short, last summer my mother bought some things at an auction. One of the plastic bins was full of old Barbies from the 90's. One doll caught my eye. The Whitney doll, she had red hair. For some strange reason all I like are dolls with red hair. The only problem was Whitney had a 6 " tall body and finding decent clothes are a nightmare. So after reading Dorrie's blog I got the ideal to switch bodies. The Tinkerbell dolls have the right proportions for the Whitney head. I found another Whitney doll on e-bay..and switched her body out too. One Tinkerbell doll I kept..because she has red I know. So now I have 3 dolls with all the same body size that I have to keep in good clothes. Keep in mind that I have never owned a doll till last summer..and I am well into my 40's. It is really strange but I feel like these dolls are my children. Thanks for listening, James

  4. Hello James,
    Thank you for giving me the info on the size of your dolls. For further clarification, is this the Rosetta doll that you have?
    There's a shocking number of Tinkerbell dolls in a variety of sizes, so it would be smart to know the exact model. And I understand considering the dolls your children, I'm very attached to mine as well. Also, it might be easier to discuss this outside of the comment section on the blog, my e-mail address is, feel free to e-mail me there.
    Hope to hear from you!