Monday, March 21, 2011

"Why good evening, Mister Darcy"

Today everyone's still a bit shell shocked from the news that my sister's getting married. She called and told my Grandmother last night, when she heard the news my Grandmother burst into tears and sobbed for two minutes straight. She's a crier that one. My mom's been on the phone with her today, when she mentioned that my sister is planning on getting married up in Connecticut, she broke down again. She wasn't as emotional when my Mom told her that I was going to be part of the wedding party. "Oh, I heard of someone else doing that too." was the reply to that news. It's like come one Grandma, way to negate my contribution! (I kid, I kid.)
But anyway, what I did today. I started off my slashing my prices on all my etsy stuff. I guess I was a little overpriced with my initial prices, so I really knocked them down. Most things are now 9.99, with a few variations (Mostly less than that). Here's hoping things sell so I can start saving up my own money for Kyu. Finger's crossed for me today.
When that was done I moved on to my writing for the day. I was a bit lazy and procrastinated in starting, and even toyed with skipping it today and working in it tomorrow, but I sucked it up and got started. I worked again on "Meeting Room Chat", getting 1.5 pages before I called it quits. While I didn't reach my goal of two pages I needed to stop. Where I am, I need some time to think about how I'm going to expand and finish the section. There's a door that I need to think about how they are going to get past. Hopefully I'll think of something by Thursday. I won't lie, even as I was working on this section, I was giving some thought to the next section, parts of this is really beginning to shape up. I know I say this every few weeks, but I might actually finish this thing before too long. Which is a weird thought.
After I finished I decided to work on some sewing. Haven't had a chance to sew in such a long time that I was eager to get to work on my project that I wanted to do since... Friday? Either way, I finally had the free time and the materials so I set out to work. I'd like to say that I got a lot done, but that would be a lie. I got the entire thing done. By the end of today I made Charlotte a new dress and bonnet. I still need to add some decoration to the bonnet, but haven't figured out what yet. I'll share it with you tomorrow, I'm too lazy today to pull up the camera. Now that I've finished what I was going to do tomorrow, what am I going to do now?!?!?

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