Thursday, April 14, 2011

And type once more I shall!

Well, I welcomed back theme days around here with today's "Typewriter Thursday". Which went along well... kind of. I only managed to get a half page done today before I called it quits. While that's nowhere near the two pages I usually aim for, I'm not that upset. I didn't get to write at all last week, and you know how hard it is to jump back into it. And plus, the half page was in "Meetingroom Chat", a section that I've been working on for for the longest, so any work on it is a good thing. I mean, I did get something done, unlike staring at the screen unable to write, which has happened a few times before.
When I had realized that my writing was done for the day, I did do some other things that I needed to get to. I wrote a few blog posts that I was behind on, Tuesday's and Wednesday's. It was then that I noticed something. Did you know that I've written a blog post every day this year so far? I knew that it had been a while since I missed a day, but I didn't think it would have been that long ago. It's funny because I don't really do anything exciting, but I still talk about it. Last year there were several times that I took breaks and thought about ending the blog, but I always kept coming back. I like having my voice out there, and it's fun looking back and re-reading some of my stuff. It's a good reminder of my day to day activities.
I also did some sewing today as well. And I would like to say I finished the ballet costume today! I was basically done yesterday, and needed a few minor things done. Mostly adding the straps, which is what I did today. I also made the pantaloons that go underneath the costume. I will say that I would have liked it to come out a bit closer to the costume I was trying to replicate, but it still came out very cute. But honestly, I knew that I wasn't going to make it an exact copy, that's still beyond my skill level. But I think it's a cute costume, very ballet inspired. It reminds me of the costume that Christine wears during the "Masquerade" sequence in "The Phantom of the Opera", which is another favorite of mine. No pictures of the dress yet, I promise that you will get some in time, I just haven't found the right time to take them yet. But I will upload another source picture so you can see the dress again. One in color so you can see what color my dress will be like!

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