Saturday, April 23, 2011

Better Physically, Emotionally, not so much.

I woke up today feeling about 98 percent back at full heath, mainly fine but still not back to perfect. That's usually the case with me whenever I become ill. I bounce mostly back after a day or two, and it takes a little bit of time to get back to totally normal.
It was good that I wasn't still all cloudy like yesterday, because I had stuff to get done. Last night my dad mentioned that at his work they were going to have a table for people to bring in sweets. I offered to make him something, so he could bring it in. He said that I didn't have to since he probably wasn't even going to have time to stop and have anything sweet, but I said I would. Since we had all the ingredients to make the mint cookies I was going to make those. Plus, since they make so many, we'd have some left over for ourselves. I was alone in the kitchen making the cookies when I realized something. I hadn't seen Chester recently.
I'm not sure if I mentioned him before, but Chester is our short haired orange tabby. We've had him since my freshman year of High School. He traveled with us from Connecticut to North Carolina. I kept checking for him while I was making the cookies, but he wasn't at the front door like he usually is. When my mom came into the Kitchen, I asked her if she had seen him, but she hadn't. Apparently he's been missing since Thursday, I guess I didn't notice since I was busy with my head issues. We don't really know what to do, we're all worried about him, but trying to stay positive, but I've been near tears all day. My Dad is going to call the Humane Society on Monday to see if anyone's turned him in. I'm hoping he shows up on his own, praying even so. I know that is the risk you take when you have outdoor cats, and he is an older cat, but he still has plenty of spring in his step. If we had tried to keep him indoors he wouldn't have been happy. This is the same cat that shredded my blinds when we locked him indoors over a weekend. Even though my heart wasn't in it, I got the cookies finished. I also did some sewing, but it was just work. I just can't stop thinking about Chester and hoping he's okay.
*Sigh* I need an Easter Miracle.

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