Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Boom! Brick wall!

Well, I hit my wall today. I reached the point where I get so frustrated that I'm the only person doing any cleaning around here. It happened after I mopped the floor for the first time, but before I started the second go around. This usually happens whenever there's a large project that I'm more or less forced to handle when it's not really my whole responsibility. It happened last year with the baskets too. Usually I don't say anything, and just steam in silence, although there's been a few times where I've lashed out in frustration. It's something that I should be able to control, but I'm human. Sometimes the pressure just gets to me, especially since it's all been piled on me. Now, I don't want you to think that I'm like Cinderella, slaving away while my family rests, it's not like that. Everyone's volunteered to help, but it's always when I'm already cleaning and they're just looking at me to direct them. I would really appreciate some initiative, that's what I would love. Yes, I am spearheading this whole things right now, but it's because if I don't, it's just going to be ignored until the last minute and then everyone's going to have to run around doing it all haphazardly. Believe me, before I started doing it on my own, it happened. This way is more work for me, but less stress for everyone. But even as I struggled with my own frustration over this project, I did manage to clean most of the kitchen. I say most because I didn't get it totally clean, and it's never going to stay perfectly clean. I even managed to make a mess in it tonight while making dinner. But at least the majority of it is clean, and come Friday it will only need a touch up to make it presentable. Which is good because my Grandparent's arrival date is rapidly approaching, and there's still so much to get done. I'm thinking (but I could be wrong) that tomorrow is a shopping day, but I still have to get some cleaning done. And Friday is going to be another whirlwind of a day full of baking and cleaning.
No wonder I'm so tired...

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