Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Boringist Shopping Days

*Heads up, I use some language in this post, so if that offends you please feel free to skip. It's only a few times, so don't think I'm going on a huge tirade or anything. Just so you know!*

So over the weekend when my Grandparents were here, my Mom mentioned that come Wednesday she and my sister were going to Burlington to shop for wedding dresses. She said that I was invited too, but since this whole wedding thing bores me to tears, I declined. My sister asked me if I was going separately, again I declined. But then I asked to go to a fabric store in the area to see if there were any yellow sheer that I needed for my project. My mom said yes, so I agreed to go. This was all before Tuesday's little shopping trip. Even though I had found the sheer I needed, I still decided to go. I felt that since I said I would, I should follow though, even though I wasn't going to go to the fabric store anymore. I was going to get lunch out if because my sister said she was going to treat my mother and I to it.
In the morning I managed to get two more of the tiers done on the dress before we headed out. And right before we were going to head out my sister announced that she's already eaten, so we weren't going out to lunch after all. Which is one of her old tricks. At least she's still acting like her old self sometimes, I was getting a little too secure in our relationship. Anyway, I rushed and made a quick sandwich before we left and grabbed a bag of pretzels.
We met them in Burlington, around 12:15 (ish?). My sister was there with her fiancee. We were checking out Bridal-Mart. Her fiance took off after we got there, and we went in for dress shopping. I got called a lady twice when we were there, which was I guess what I pay for having long (luxurious) hair, even though I didn't shave my face (on purpose) and was wearing shorts to show off my hairy legs (Don't I sound sexy?). Anyway, my sister had about five dresses from their website to look at. And turns out, they only had one of them in stock, even though their website lead her to believe otherwise. So only after a short time there, she called her fiancee to come back and give her their Ipad so she could look up more wedding dress stores. He did, and left again. We sat in the car while she looked up some more locations. We found one in Greensboro, even though my Mom didn't want to drive in Greensboro we did.
*Language* It took us a little bit to find the store that we were looking for. It was Divas, the store with Attitude! We walked into the dimly lit store where we met up with a woman behind a counter, my sister said she didn't have an appointment (which they apparently require, according to the sign on the door, they don't have a website.) and we were greeted by a different woman. My sister showed her the print outs she had, and the woman asked my sister her price point for her dress. My sister said 1000, the woman told us that they don't carry anything under 1,500. (For a dress!?!?!?) She then basically told us to try the cheaper venues and showed us the door. So apparently by attitude, they mean bitch. Because that woman was rather bitchy, we all thought that. When we were home I read some reviews and it seems like other people have had that same experience there too. Why people would want to shop at Divas in Greensboro is beyond me. That woman's attitude was terrible, and from what I saw their clothing, they weren't anything special, especially at that price. Seems like it's the kind of place that people shop who want to be able to brag they can spend so much on a dress.
After that snubbing, (do you know who I am?!?!? I'm Aubrey from Blogger, I have NINE followers!) we ended up at David's Bridal, which was close by. Here we were greeted warmly by several people who seemed to want to actually help us. They gave us a catalog, and we looked though it listing off several dresses my sister liked. Then another nice woman helped my sister try on several dresses, she was really nice. She even lent my sister a veil and a blusher to help give an overall feel for the dress. I liked a couple of them, but really didn't have that strong of an opinion over any of them. Wedding Dresses don't really excite me. I've never been a big party dress person. You know the amount of people wearing gown in the collection? Zero. Day wear, It is where it's at. We did have a dress that we all seemed to like, but my sister didn't commit to one just yet. There's still some that she found online that she wanted to look at before she made her decision. But still, David's Bridal in Greensboro, wonderful place to shop with really nice people, a organized store, and pretty dresses. We even sent a picture of the dress we all liked to my Grandmother so she could see it (and cry). When we were done there, we went out separate ways. It was getting late, and my mother had stuff that she needed to do, so did I, just not as important. Getting home wasn't that bad, we rolled in around 5:15 or so. And while I want to be there for my sister, dress shopping is so dull, I'd rather get my eyes eaten by a serial killer. (I'm trying to make that a thing.) So I'm glad it's over. Not sure what she's going to do. My Mom's been looking into finding someone to make it for her, but I can tell you, it's not going to be me!
Back at home I got the final tier added to the skirt. I also got the skirt attached to the bodice, which was an endeavor in itself. There's a lot of material there! I think if I ever made this skirt again, I'd cut it smaller. I actually made it a bit bigger than the pattern because I worried there wouldn't be enough volume, which was not a problem. I got all the way to where I considered all the machine sewing done. I managed to get the majority of the seams reinforcing done, so that was pretty cool. I also managed to get the large bow in the back sewn, and attached. I was up late working on it, I didn't go to bed until midnight. Once again no pictures of the dress in question, but to appease you all I will attach a photo of what the real dress looks like. That way you guys can see what I'm talking about if you don't want to click on the youtube link I posted a few days back, or if it gets removed. This picture doesn't belong to me, and so on. This is the clearest picture I've found of the dress, so you can see why I was complaining over her arm placement.

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