Friday, April 15, 2011

The End of Another Week

Is it Friday already? This week just rushed by quicker than normal, but here we are at another Finish it Up Friday, and again I've managed the just clean things compared to actually finish things that I started. It's just lately I haven't had that many things go into the box because I'm sewing less in general. So whatever is in there has been there for a while, and I'm just not ready to face those failures again. Besides, I'm down to four snaps, and I can't waste them on projects that I'm never going to use. Only the best and brightest get snaps at this point. In in the defense of cleaning compared to sewing, either way something is getting put away. Even though the majority of these things are headed to the pile of random clothes in the closet, they're at least being put away, compared to sitting around until I get to them.
I've numbered the items so it's easier to talk about them.1. Bright green "velvet" Barbie top. This came in a Mattel set of random Barbie dresses. The color, style, and material aren't really my thing, so it's going into the closet pile.
2. Bright green Barbie skirt. This actually came in the same set as the top above. There's also a big green nylon skirt that came with it too, I think I still have that too, somewhere. Not a fan of the bold coloring of this, so it's going into the closet too.
3. Pink "Indian" dress. This I remember coming with some clone Indian doll. It's really cheap and has a bunch of runs in it. I even forget what the doll looked like, but I remember getting her. Whenever I used it, it was a nightgown. It's bulky, but a bit more modest than some of the skimpy things Mattel used to make. This is going into the closet, just because I can't think of someone who would wear it, but I wouldn't get rid of it.
4. White Shapes Dress. I have no idea where this came from, it's a clone dress. I think I got it new with a lot of other doll clothes, years ago. For some reason I kind of like it. It's going into the clothing bags, even though I have no idea when I'll ever use it for anything.
5. Gold mesh Ken shirt. Wow, this shirt makes a bold statement. I remember this came on one of the Ken dolls that my sister and I had. (We only had two) He's out in the donate pile, because I've never cared for 90's Ken. Joe was more the man they'll ever be. I'll keep the clothes though, I keep all Ken clothes because I have so few of them.
6. I have no clue what this is. It's official Mattel Barbie clothes, I think it's a tube top? I could be wrong. I got this from my cousin when she got rid of her Barbie collection. I used it as a bra when I was younger. And that's what I'm going to use it for now, it's going into the undergarment bag.
7. Fuzzy Pink Skirt. This came in that lot of stuff that I got in an antique store. It's odd. This is going into the closet pile to never be seen again in the collection. I've never understood furry skirts... why?
8. Pink flowered shirt. I'm thinking that I got this from a Teresa doll, or maybe one of the Teresa dolls I had was wearing this for the longest so I just relate it to her. Teresa is another face mold that I just can't warm up to. I like the idea of it, just not in practice. Either way, this shirt is going into the closet. While it's a nice modest shirt, I just don't see myself using it ever. I have better shirts already in reserves. Not a big flower fabric person.
9. This came with a Barbie sized Fairytopia outfit. I bought it for the Barbie clothes, this was for a doll that I didn't have, nor do I plan on it. It's closet bound, the flower on it is cute though.
10. A skimpy Barbie tube top. I think this came with the Myscene doll that I bought to give Charlotte her body. While it's super tacky and not my general ascetic, the glitter and rainbow patterned fabric speaks to me. Into the bags it goes, not sure if anyone will ever wear it, but they have the option. You'll never know what Charlotte puts on next.
11. Pair of nylon pants. I think these are Stacy sized and came in that lot that included the fuzzy skirt. Don't have a Stacy doll in the collection, but I will put them into the smaller doll clothing bag just in case I come across a doll that needs pants in a pinch.

And so that's Friday's work load. Not a whole lot, but enough. I think about half of them are going into the collection (with no general purpose), but still, that's 11 things that have found a place to be! Isn't that great?

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