Friday, April 1, 2011

The end of the week routine

Remember last week when I said that I was going to start including some stuff that just needed washing into Friday's theme day? I'm adding onto that, when I'm just washing something, it only counts as 1/2 an item, so I have to do two of them to count as one thing finished. It's only fair. If I have to repair it as well as wash it, it counts as one. Today was a day full of cleaning, I guess I'm getting into the spirit of the week to come. I also devised a new way to dry things, hopefully it will keep working out.
What I washed today first set:

From Left to Right;
1. Pair of dollar store Ken pants- just needed to be washed.
2. Barbie Sweat pants- not sure where they came from. They're a little big on Barbie, they do fit vintage Ken, and I'm sure they would fit modern Ken too. Just needed to be washed.
3. Baby Krissy Baby Blanket- Washed, and going to be stuck into the bag with all the baby Krissy stuff
4. Barbie Swimsuit- I think this was the suit that came with Florida Style Midge, but I could be wrong. It fits Charlotte, she's wearing it in the picture, I think it looks cute, but look at that cut out. How scandalous!
5. Kelly Dress- I forgot but this is what the unnamed Kelly friend was wearing for years, I think she's going to go back to it since I still like it.

The second set:
1. and 2. Tommy outfit- This is what the Tommy doll was wearing that I decided to donate, took his clothes since he's not staying, and the Kelly's could always use more clothes.
3. Barbie T-Shirt- I used to think this was really cute, but I'm not a fan of the spotted sleeves. Now that I'm sewing, I realize there's a lot weird with it. Front's cute though.
4. Little pillow made by my Grandmother- Just needed to wash it.
5. Same as above- I'm really thinking about making the quilt that my grandmother was going to, but I might not.

And that's what I got done today, lots of cleaning, and a few more things for the collection. Tomorrow I'm going out, but don't expect any doll stuff, but it's an early morning, so see you guys later!

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