Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday without a cute title

Okay, I'm writing all these things after the fact, since at the night when I got back to bed I was too tired to type anything. Being a top notch host is hard work! I'm bushed every night from all the running around I've been doing.
Son on Friday: Since I had the deadline of my Grandparents arriving as early as 2, I started work pretty early. I needed to get a lot of baking done, as well as get the house cleaning finished before they arrived. I was again on my own for it. I started off with the cupcakes, which by this time are old hat. Since mid-March I've made three batches of them. Luckily the next time I have to make them will be in May for Ian's birthday. When they were in the oven cooking I worked on getting the living room and dining room squared away. They were basically done, just needed some sweeping. Next I did the corn muffins for Saturday and cleaned the Kitchen, which didn't work out so hot. It wasn't anything that was actually happening, it was just all the pressure piled on me. Also when I was cleaning up the kitchen, I was cleaning up some of the same things that I had cleaned just the day before, which really got under my skin. Here I was busting my hump to get it all clean, and people couldn't be bothered to pick up after themselves for just one day! Grrrrr. When I was done with the muffins, I started with the cookies, and I realized something, I didn't have enough ingredients. And I was so over this whole thing by this point. "Screw this, I'm done." I was just so mad in general. My parents offered to go out and get what I needed but I said no. Like I said, I was so over it all by then. So I went upstairs to steam.
But then my dad went out for something else and got what I needed to make the cookies, and since I had enough time to cool off I decided to make them. This took me a while, and I was still working on them shortly before my Grandparents arrived at 6. I still didn't get everything I wanted done, but that's always the case. Luckily, the cookies were done, and the Kitchen wasn't a total mess. We had lasagna for dinner, which came out really nicely. But I didn't do much for that, I just started the sauce and the meat when I was still making the cookies. After dinner, my Grandparents, my Mom, my Brother and I sat around chatting, until my brother went up to his room. Then it was just the four of us for several hours. Which, honestly, I ran out of things to talk about. We ended up watching the recap of the Masters, which my Grandmother had missed because she was traveling. I hate golf, it's just so boring. Just sooooooo boring. I would have liked to go upstairs and do something fun, but that would have been rude. Plus it's not fair to leave my mother when we're having company. So I stuck around, chatting. They finally headed back to the hotel at 9:30, so I could bring the dog in and do some cleaning of the mess that had come about from the day. I wasn't in my room until 10, and I was so ready for bed. Could barely see straight, which is sad because the next day was going to be another long one.

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