Monday, April 4, 2011


Well, the futon is finally set up! My dad and I did it this morning, although I didn't do much for it. He was able to do it basically on his own without me. I literally had to do two things on it, and he did the rest on his own. (and I wasn't really needed for those two things.) Now, I didn't just sit around watching him do this, mind you. Actually, I did that for a few minutes, but then I started doing my own thing. Which consisted of cleaning the living room. Fun times. I did manage to get 95 percent of it done. The rest will have to wait until Friday, although it's mainly putting out pillows and stuff like that. I won't put them out too early since then they'd get covered with cat hair, or the dog would eat them. (Believe me he's tried.) So come Friday, I'm going to be in a whirlwind of cooking, and I'm also going to be putting the finishing touches on the house. Not sure what room I'm going to be cleaning in tomorrow, still have the kitchen and the stairs/hall left to do. And I won't lie, I'm dreading cleaning the kitchen, it's always a pain. Honestly it might take more than one day to do, especially since I have to mop the floor. The dog always manages to get it filthy, and I'm sure we do our part too. But it must be done before Friday.
I also did some more research into that Ballet costume I'm planning on making for Charlotte. Managed to find a couple more pictures of the costume. None that are perfect, but at this point, any picture is a good picture. I also downloaded the video off youtube, and have watched it a several times. Found something out from doing that. The costume has a bow an the back of the skirt. It looks like it's ribbon, not sheer like the skirt overlays. I never noticed it before even though I've watched her twirl a bunch in the video. Not sure when I'm going to get to the store and check out materials, but I need to add yellow ribbon to the list. Don't think I'll be buying much this week for this project (Money is tight again this week), but I know I'm going to be picking up a couple of patterns. One for me, one for Barbie. Hobby Lobby has them on sale this week for .99 cents, it's been a long time since they've done that. I've been waiting for this Barbie pattern since Christmas. Hopefully it's still on stock.
But that's enough for today, see you all tomorrow!

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