Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter?

I hope everyone's had a good Easter, I just with I could say that mine was a happy one. Chester is still missing, and the longer he stays away, the less I can hold out hope he'll show up again. I've been trying to keep from crying, but I've had several times today where my eyes have watered. I haven't been feeling very productive today. The most that I could manage to do was go for a walk. But I was doing it for a reason. I was looking to see if Chester had been hit by a car and was out along the road. I went down the section of road that was unpaved, since my Dad goes down the paved section when going to work. I looked down one side when I was walking away from the house, and the other as I walked back. I didn't see anything of real importance when I was out there, so take that as you will. Tomorrow we're calling the Humane Society, hoping he's there. But honestly I doubt it, no Easter Miracle for me.

Other than that, nothing happened today. We all did our own thing. My father slept all day since he's working nights this weekend, and I haven't even seen my brother at all this weekend. I've heard him, but he really hasn't left his room. I honestly don't even know if he knows Chester is gone. But I've chatted long enough without saying anything, but I will leave you with the Skipper outfit I made yesterday. I even got it finished last night, I'm now down to two snaps. I came up with this design for Barbie, but thought that it could work for Skipper. Since I'm getting a new one I thought I could make it, especially since it took my mind off things yesterday. I was hoping that it would look like a cute retro sailor-esque playsuit, but instead it just looks like pajamas. Which is not a terrible thing, it's just people don't really wear a lot of sleeping clothes in my collection. It's all about day wear here. So even though it's not what I really wanted I can deal with it. Into the spare clothing bag it goes. Maybe the new girl can wear it when I'm working on her official clothes. What do you guys think?

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