Sunday, April 17, 2011

A happy mistake!

I got woken up this morning from a text from my Grandmother, asking if we were okay. Since I was exhausted and still half sleeping, I ignored it. Forty minutes later she called me, waking me up. I ignored the call and let it go to voice mail (I don't pick up the phone if I've been sleeping, it's a general rule.). But I was awake, so I stumbled downstairs to tell my Mom to call her Mom. She did and my responsibility was done. So it was a bit of an early morning today. Fun, right?
But being up early means that I get a chance to get more stuff done for the day. Right? I'm still without a specific project, so I didn't have anything to really sink my teeth into right off the bad. I did however start and do some laundry, so even if I didn't get anything else done, I still can count that as a success. But I did do some sewing today, I promise. I decided to go back to the bodice that I was practicing with yesterday. I was thinking about my fit issue, and I wondered if I was having that problem because the armholes were too small. The added fabric could be what's giving me that bagginess at the under arm. So I took my most recent muslin and tore half of the stitches out. I then made the armholes bigger and finished it up again. This time the fit was improved, not perfect, but certainly better.
But I felt that it was as good as I was going to get with just playing around with it, I decided to actually try and make something with it. I culled though my patterned fabric, and originally selected the red with white pin dots that I bought a few weeks ago, but after thinking about it, just wasn't feeling it, so I put it back and looked again. What I really wanted was a flowery fabric, but I didn't have any that worked. I guess flowers are something that's missing in my fabric stash, not that I have a whole lot in general. I ended up selected a piece of cream colored calico with semi over-sized blue roses. It's leftovers from a project that I did for my parents, one that didn't turn out so hot. But there certainly was enough for a lined bodice and a full skirt. There was only one real problem with sewing this, I don't have anyone to wear it. I looked over the entire collection, and couldn't find one person who wanted to change clothes. Right now a great deal of everyone's dressed satisfactorily, and the people who need to get redressed wouldn't work with the style of the dress. And you all know how I hate to sew to just sew, so I ended up grabbing the Christmas Bubblecut to use as my model. Since the kimono she's wearing is a bit different than the rest of the people in the collection, she might get a different dress. Although, I still love her in the kimono, I just wish I had shoes that worked for it. Also it was high time too check and see if there was any staining going on with her. Luckily she seemed fine, no marks from the red fabric. Her juban and under kimono weren't stained from it either, so I think we're safe. With my model sitting close by I started sewing. I started with the bodice, making sure that I made the armholes wider so it would fit better. This top is really simple to make comparatively, since it's fully lined. It takes longer to make the Japanese bodice than this number. It wasn't until I was trying it on that I found out an issue with it. Turns out the straps don't go all the way around when using the vintage body. I guess the bust fills it out a bit too much. This wasn't caught in the muslin stage because I was using the BB body for the majority of the tests. The times when I used a vintage body, I just didn't catch the fact that the straps were too short for some reason.
Oh well, it's something to remember for the next time that I make it. But now I have a cute sexy top with a vintage flair that I can only make for the BB body. So I decided to not do the full skirt for it. I only had enough material for one skirt, so I'd rather wait and use it for the dress that would fit the vintage doll, since she'd be wearing the dress longer than a doll using the BB body, they tend to change their clothes quickly. I decided that I was going to use a fabric of a contrasting color for the skirt, which was now tighter and sexier. I went with the gray linen material that I last used for that failed Vanessa outfit. Just a simple straight skirt. I did that all using the BB body torso I have for the fit model. When it was time to try it on someone with legs, I brought it over to the collection. I asked if anyone wanted to try it on, and when Vanessa saw it she went nuts. She ran over and literally slapped someone out of the way to get to me. So I guess she really wanted it. So I used her for the fit model, although, I shouldn't reward her naughty behavior. Although it's pretty good that I picked her. When I took the dress she was wearing I found it had stained her legs. She gets stained a lot, I think it's because her attraction to black fabrics. I'm not too upset with it, eventually she's getting a different body, still I need to be more careful though. Using her, I got the dress finished and fitted to her body. It made more of a dent into my already low snap stash. I really need to get more, or else everything's going to be held shut by safety pins soon. The back is a little wonky, but as I use the pattern more, I'll refine it better. I also added a black ribbon belt around the waist, it helps tie in with her black lips.
Overall I like it, it has a very Sofia Loren feel about it. I'm thinking about adding some jewelry to it, but not sure if I'll find anything that works, it's a rather high neckline. Unfortunitly no pictures today because I don't have the camera, but I promise you that I'll take some when I get the camera back. So, even though it's not what I expected to make today, it still came out cute. And hey, I can always try again to make the other dress another day.
So please, wait for the pictures, I hope you all can contain your excitement!

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