Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hypocrytical Tuesday...

Okay remember yesterday when I said that I wasn't sure when I was going to get fabric for my next project? Well that ended up being the next day, because apparently I love being a hypocrite. I hope you guys can ignore that little fact about me.
It all started with my dad asking me to go shopping, originally I said no, but he kept adding places that we were going to, tempting places. And I am so very week, so very very weak.
We started off at Habitat for Humanity, which was a bust. I can't wait until they open their new store in June. I'm hoping that they'll have some more interesting merchandise then, right now they haven't anything new (i.e. interesting) in a while. I half heartily looked though their book section, although I still haven't read most of the books that I bought there recently. Right now they're sitting on my work desk waiting for me to read them, or at least put them somewhere. At least the next time I'm stuck in Connecticut for an extended period of time I'll have something to do. I'll just have to remember to pack them. (Not sure when that is however.)
I struck out again at the Salvation Army, which didn't have anything I needed. I did see the oddest figure there. It was a clown riding a Unicorn. It was broken so I left it, but my Grandmother collects Unicorns, so if it wasn't broken I would have gotten it for her. It was seriously hideous, so I would have loved to see how she responded to it when she got it. I do stuff like that. She has a porcelain egg at her house from me. I got it in New Jersey at a dollar store. It's part Chinese, part roses, and part butt ugly. I didn't give it to her, as much as I forgot it at her house, and she didn't throw it out. I told her she could if she wanted to, but she still has not. Either way this Unicorn was broken, so I didn't get it. My dad said it was also a music box, which makes it being broken so much more upsetting. Anyway,I saw a couple of Barbie horses that I toyed with getting, but I don't really need one, plus they were in rough condition. I've never been much of a Barbie horse person, they're like a big purse. Works for some outfits, but not really needed. They didn't have any interesting books or toys. I did look through their clothing sections to see if they had any made from a pale yellow sheer that I desperately wanted. No luck there so I left empty handed.
It wasn't until Goodwill that I actually found something that I could use. They too were lacking in any dolls that were interesting. I only saw one Barbie sized doll, some Snow White clone I think. I almost left there empty handed until I was walking though the woman's clothes section. I was still looking for some yellow sheer material, also a table cloth for my father. That's when I stumbled into their lingerie section (*blush*). I didn't know this section even existed. I've never ventured that deeply into the women's section before, because there was no real need to do so. It's tucked away against the back wall, so I mustered my courage and ventured in. And that's where I got lucky. (That sounds dirty) I found an 80's light yellow night gown. It looked the right color, it draped nicely, and it was inexpensive. Plus it had a gash in it, so I didn't feel too bad cutting into it. We did ask the woman at the front if it would be cheaper since it had a slice in it, but she said she couldn't do that. It wasn't something to workers could do, but even thought it was damaged it still cost us under three dollars, which was an okay deal. Especially since it had both sizes of ribbon that I needed for the costume, so that was even more money saved. I did feel a little weird buying a woman's nightgown, but whatever, I'm weird. I've made peace with that fact.
After my finds at Goodwill, I sheepishly asked to go to Hobby Lobby. Originally I wasn't planning on going but now that I had the sheer, which was the missing puzzle piece I needed the light yellow cotton. Honestly, It was annoying having one part and searching for the material I needed, I would have been batty knowing that I only needed some material that was in town, just out of reach! I assured my Dad that I was going to be frugal, and only get a half yard of material and check out the remnant section. They had something there the last time that I was hoping was still there. No luck in the remnant section, you snooze you lose, but not a big deal overall. I like what they had, didn't love it. I did get a half yard of the light yellow calico that I needed (although it's really, really thin, like broadcloth thin), but I also got another half yard of anther fabric. Look familiar? It's the steampunk fabric. I needed to get it for a reason... it's hard to admit, but last week I messed up Charlotte's skirt. I thought I could improve it, but instead I messed it up royally, which is typical. I should leave well enough alone. I have a small bit of the fabric left, but not enough to fully redo the skirt, so today I bought another half yard. Which I think will be good because, I've used a lot of the fabric I bought originally, so I should have more handy. Who know what else I will need for this project, it seems to be never ending. And it's good to buy it when I don't need it compared to need it and can't find it, I actually had that happen to day. I couldn't find it at first in the store, so I started panicking thinking that they might have stop selling it. I don't know how long they keep fabric around. If they sold it all, they might not be getting anymore in. Luckily I found it on the shelf, and got a half yard. I also looked at the metallic fabric I mentioned a few weeks ago. It's lame (you have the add the little swoosh over the "e"), but I didn't get any, like I said I was being frugal, and I don't have any project for it yet. Down the road I'll get some, just not this week, even though this week there's the 40 percent off coupon. Doesn't matter, there will be another one in time. I got out of there for 3.50, which is good, compared to other weeks.
That was the extent of the shopping, other than a stop at the dollar store where I bought a skirt for myself. At home, I took a different shirt out of my closet, one that's older and too big for me now. Like I said, every new clothing in, something that's too big gets removed. I gave the old one to my brother, although it's too big on him too, he just like's his clothes baggy. Also, I started work on the dress. You know me, I just can't wait when I have the desire to sew. Besides, I have to go out tomorrow for a while, and Thursday is a writing day. So I don't know if I'll get a chance to sew for a while. I had already decided how I was going to tackle this project from a technical standpoint, so I was able to just jump in and get it started.
I'm using the bodice from the Barbie in Japan book that I've used a billion times. Seven people are using that same bodice within the collection. I'm also using the actual skirt that the pattern calls for, which is unusual. The first thing was to do the bodice. The bodice is undecorated, so it was just to get it out of the way. Although, I didn't do the hem in the back. I spent most of the time working on the skirt. Oh, and I decided to use the sheer overlay for the skirt, compared to the nightgown. With it's layered tiers of ruffles, it was a lot of soft pleats, I could only do sections because I don't have that many pins. Less now because no matter how careful I was, a couple of them found their way under the needle and got bent. I managed to get the bottom two tiers done, which is a lot of work, never again. If I have to do this again, I'll just do the gathers method. The pleats are pretty, but they don't really read as pleats. They just look like gathers. Oh well, live and learn. No pictures of that because I'm too lazy to find the camera again. Don't worry, when this is all over and done with, you'll see what I mean!

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