Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I got the camera back!

Although, I got it back so late, it was too dark for picture taking. But now at least, it's back in my possession, so sooner than later there will be some new pictures to excite and titillate you all. You just need to be a touch more patient for them. (Which is so ironic because of how impatient I am in general.)
Today started off differently than how I was planning it, but that is not always a bad thing. Today I was originally planning on working more to fix my computer, as well as watch that show that's online Tuesday morning. But, it seems that my computer issues are squared away. Hopefully I fixed it all, finger's crossed. And turns out, my show this week, was technically new, but it was one of those annoying recap episodes, so I didn't bother to watch it. I mean, really not that fun. Another one of my shows is going to be doing a recap episode tomorrow too, and I plan on skipping one that as well. I only bother with those if I really care about most of the contestants on them, and this season so far has been pretty weak. All and all, this week has been, and will be, terrible for me television-wise. Most of my shows are repeats, recaps, or just flat out not on. Which is super annoying because it's so hard to find interesting things on television lately. There's so many more options, but not a lot of decent choices.
But since my morning plans chanced, I found myself free. Originally I was going to skip the writing this week, and planned on getting to work on it Thursday. But since I'm not doing anything else, I figured that I should work on it instead, might as well keep some things in routine. And I was pretty successful, didn't get my two pages like I wanted but, I am pleased to announce, I've finally finished, "Meetingroom Chat". I've been working on this section for months now, and yesterday I got the final first draft of it completed. I'm really proud of this moment because this is where I got stuck when I was writing the rough draft and initially stopped to go and edit back at the beginning. And I got all the way back to this point and was forced to write it, finally. And I'm actually pleased with how it turned out. I think it does need some strengthening, and editing, but what I have written down is a good base to build on. After I finished that section, I moved on to the next one, which was already in first draft form. I didn't do much to it, but I did tweak the beginning to make it flow better with what I had just written. Also I needed to change a few things, because some things had changed from when I had originally written it. I even went and added the finished sections to the full document, it now stand at 120 pages, single spaced and 14 font. I never thought that it would get so big, it's so cool!
That's where I stopped. I have another large dialog filled section coming up, which is a little daunting. But once that is finished, that's the majority of the big sections finished. After that, it's really just under a half dozen action sequences, that aren't really that action-y. And I've already finished the first draft of the biggest section of it. So, we're still making progress on this. Yay!
After I finished writing, I did work on some sewing, although it was again, really just something to sew. I guess I still haven't learned that is not a good thing. So I was getting crabby, and it wasn't looking good. So for the first time in a while, something new got added to the unfinished box. Not that I'm bragging, it's just recently, I've been sewing less, so I have less things I've given up on lately. Not sure when I'll revisit that, because it's something with inset sleeves, and I didn't sew them before putting it in the box. And you know how I dislike inset sleeves. Dislike!
Oh, and on the working out front, I got another workout tape, some Yoga thing. But after a few seconds trying it out, I wasn't really feeling it. It was just kind of slow, and not very knee friendly, and the guy really wasn't explaining what he was doing. Add to that the fact that the camera angles were designed to be more cool than teaching, (all this was from the first two minutes) so I quit. I did some more research, and found another one that I'm going to try. Hopefully it'll get downloaded before tomorrow night, but I think that it will.
That's all for today, see you guys tomorrow!

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