Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is it Thursday?

Honestly, it took me a little bit to remember what day of the week it was. My week's been so jam packed that I've been running around like crazy. And the craziest part is that, I'm still not yet done! I think I'm finally getting to the finish line, which is good because time is ticking away, and I won't have much time left soon.
Even with my looming deadline, I took this morning off and just lazed about, I really needed that. I just needed a time to not be doing something so that was nice. My afternoon was filled with going out shopping. It's a big shopping weekend since we're buying food for company, so not a lot of free funds left over for my projects (boo!). We did however stop in at Hobby Lobby. We were getting some mint chocolate wafers for my Grandmother, and they had McCall's patterns on sale for a dollar. Originally I was going to get two, one for me, and one for the dolls, but it turns out the one for me wasn't what I originally thought it was. I thought it was a regular t-shirt pattern, turns out it was actually shorts. I don't need a shorts pattern, I already have a pants pattern that I don't use. So I just left it. I did get the Barbie sewing pattern, so hopefully I'll have a chance to look at it and try to make something from it. But that might be a while since my weekend is booked solid.
And while I couldn't buy anything else, I did look for material for my next project, the ballet costume, if you've forgotten (I know I haven't!). Turns out they do have the correct color calico that I would need. I didn't do a really in depth check, but I'm sure they had the right color and thickness for ribbon that I need, but that's where my luck ended. They didn't have the correct color sheer that I needed. In fact they didn't have any yellow sheer material. The closest they had was some icky orangy yellow that was really unappealing. Either I'm going to have to find some other fabric store for the sheer yellow, or go another direction with the costume. I would just hate to have to sacrifice the flowing quality of the skirt. Although, now that I'm really thinking about it, there might not be a whole lot of flow in the skirt even using a sheer. I would just hate to have to give up the sheer skirt and lose any flow it might have.
Even though they didn't have the correct sheer, I did however see some interesting metallic gold and silver material there. I was looking for some of that back when I was working on Vanessa's original outfit, so I might end up picking up a yard just so I have some the next time. But that all depends on the next 40 percent off coupon. Other than that my shopping trip was uneventful, just food, food, food.
At home I managed to loaf about for some more time before I finally got around to cleaning, although the groceries did get put away. Eventually, I got both the hallway cleaned and the laundry room finished. It didn't take me a long time, which is good because I am so over this cleaning crap. I'm still not totally finished with them yet, but there's still time tomorrow to finish everything. Although, my Grandparents could be here as early as 2pm, which would be terrible. I have baking to do!
See you tomorrow!

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