Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday without a cute title...

I swear I'll get back to making cute titles soon enough. Although, am I the only one who thinks they're cute and could all you guys really care less about them?
Either way, some sad news to start off today's post. My laptop battery died yesterday. It's been acting annoying and not keeping a lot of charge, but over the weekend it's gone to holding no charge at all. This would be fine if my cord was any decent, but it has a problem where it doesn't stay in the best. It used to be that if the cord came out, I'd just have to plug it back in and recharge the battery, but now if the cord comes out, the computer dies. Fun, right? Right now it's taped down so it doesn't come unplugged, but it's not much of a laptop anymore.
I really didn't do much today. Since I'm so tired from my whirlwind weekend, I decided today was going to be pretty low key. I'm planning on picking back up theme days on Thursday. I still haven't done a lot of thinking about the sections I'm supposed to be in my writing, so waiting was beneficial. For the most part I spent trying to think of something to sew. Even though I got all that fabric the other day, I just can't think of anything I want to make with the material. Plenty of things that I could make, but nothing that I want to make. And since people here don't change clothes often, I don't really need to be sewing stuff just to stick it into the bags when it's done. Right now the only thing I want to make is that Ballerina costume for Charlotte, but I don't have any of the correct materials. Not sure when I'm going to get them, since money's tight for the next several weeks. Besides, I don't know where to get light yellow sheer material.
Even though I couldn't find anything I wanted to sew, I spent some quality time with Charlotte. Redressing her into something that's not as terrible as what she was wearing. I played with some of the clothes that were still out from before (her red coat and such), which was fun, but since it was so hot I felt bad leaving her in a coat. So I pulled out a big formal dress for her to wear... well, that was mean... It's a colonial style wedding dress that I love, it's seriously my favorite dress in the collection. It works for a variety of dolls, from vintage, Silkstone, Momoko, Francie, and modern. Charlotte wears it from time to time, I've had it forever. It's a little beat up, but still looks lovely. I'm sure she'll change again soon, but I like having her in this dress. So pretty!
I also did some cleaning in my room today, over the weekend it got a bit of a mess. I just left everything where they fell since my room wasn't visited by any guests. So today I organized stuff, put things away, and did some general cleaning. It's still not perfect, but better than yesterday.
And that's all I did. Hopefully some sewing will happen this week, or else this blog will get very boring very quick.

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