Monday, April 25, 2011


I didn't do any writing this morning. I'm just not feeling up on working anything that I'm too emotionally invested in right now. Instead I worked on something for my Mother. She had a shirt she wanted to wear around the house, but it didn't have a pocket. She likes having a pocket because she tries to keep her cell phone in it so it's nearby. She gets that from her father. He only wears shirts with two pockets, that he keeps full of stuff. No joke, recently at the doctors office he was getting weighed the nurse had him take the stuff out of his pocket and reweighed him. There was a difference of eight pounds! Can't you believe that? His pockets are full of papers, pens, and other stuff he uses throughout the day. I think it's pretty cool, some people in my family tease him for it. I just let him be himself. Anyway, my Mom needed a pocket on her shirt. So I made one for her. I am so not a fan of making people clothes. There's just so much fabric to deal with, such a hassle. Not sure why someone would want to do that. Ick! I made the pocket out of some skull fabric that I had (after I cleared it with my mother). I bought it back in November on sale at Walmart (novelty boxers), and haven't had a use for it yet. I guess it was something that I thought I could use, but have yet to find an interesting application for it.
That really didn't take very long, it was just a pocket, nothing exciting at all. After that I wasn't feeling like doing any doll sewing, but I needed something to keep my mind busy. I just don't want to think about some things. So I ended up making more cedar satchels. I don't know why I got the urge to make them, but it's a good way to use up some fabric that I know I can't use for doll projects. I saw a photo the other day of someone who had an entire closet jam packed full of fabric, and it made me feel very uneasy. It felt very Hoarders to me (Just my feeling), and I didn't want to do that. I fear becoming someone like that, where I collect everything and never use it. I mean my fabric stash is nowhere near that bad, but I could see it getting that bad. So I decided to make some cedar satchels to use up some fabric that I had, plus it was mindless work. I'm thinking that next Christmas maybe everyone will get some cedar satchels from me. Depends on if I can be bothered, or if people will want some. People in my family sometimes fail to realize how special the things I make are to me. Anyway, I made eight satchels out of this heavy linen blue and white plaid that I got a while back. It's too thick for doll clothes. I tried making a pleated skirt out of it, but it's been sitting in the unfinished box since. It's just too thick to hand sew. I think I'm going to just throw it out. I churned out the eight in a machine like set up. I got all of them filled with cedar and blanket stitched shut before lunch. After lunch I posted three of them for sale on esty. Figured I might as well see if anyone wanted some. Otherwise they're just going to sit in my closet, although I might move them because I don't care for the scent of cedar (Ironic, isn't it?). Here's hoping something sells, otherwise I'm done with Esty, can't afford to be in business any longer. Story of my life, right?
After I got that posted I didn't do after that. I did manage to do some doll sewing later in the evening though. And it's the darnedest thing, I set off making something for Skipper (still trying to dress the one that's coming eventually), and right now Charlotte's wearing it. I've never had that happen before. It's a jumper pattern that I drafted yesterday for Skipper. The skirt was hitting much too low on her, so I tried it on Francie. It fit her, but it was a bit off on her mainly in the waist. I thought about taking it in some, but instead I tried it on Charlotte who was hanging around. I find that she's the only doll that spends most of her time off the bookshelf compared to on it. In an odd turn of events, it fit's Charlotte surprisingly well. I did have to make some darts under the bust to make it fit better, but it's odd how well it fits her since it was designed for a doll much smaller than her, especially in the bust. It's a little tight in the back, and only snaps in the very back, but I doubt she's going to wear it for long. Even now I'm thinking about trying it on a vintage doll. I guess it's not a failure, but certainly not a success. No pictures because I can't really be that bothered today.

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