Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday without a cute title...

I again had to hit the ground running on Saturday, although I didn't have to start until a bit before 10 am. Although, I was forced to work while eating breakfast. Luckily we didn't have to provide breakfast, since my Grandparent would have that at their hotel and the other people wouldn't get here in time for it. So I was able to have my normal breakfast (minus the work part). When that was over I had to throw myself into cleaning hard core. Today was the day that we were going to have to most people visiting, with my sister, her fiancee, and my cousin visiting as well as my grandparents. My Grandparents arrived earliest, maybe around 10:30, and I made coffee for them. Which I learned to make the day before hand, since I don't drink coffee I needed to learn. My dad is usually in charge of that, but he couldn't be around for their visit, so he kept telling me he was going to teach me to make it. I kept telling him to teach my brother since, A: I don't drink coffee, and B: He should do something this weekend to help, but I was outvoted because my brother is never around, choosing to hang out upstairs most of the time, and my Grandparent's refuse to wait for their coffee. (Not like it's an addiction or anything...)
My cousin arrived shortly after they did, maybe around 11:30, meanwhile the dog was making a ton of fuss the entire day. Barking at everything and anything, really annoying, but it did end up being helpful. We ended up chatting before my sister and her fiancee arrived. Meanwhile, I was working on lunch, which was a Ham. This was my first time cooking a ham, so I was a little nervous about it. But it was fully cooked, we really just needed to reheat it in the oven. This is where we used the corn muffins I made yesterday. Lunch went well, nothing too chaotic. For dessert, we had the cupcakes that I made the day before, we got to sing to my sister and mother for their birthday's. Which are officially over (thank goodness). After lunch we sat around talking, like usual. My cousin left around 3, because he had a soccer league he was part of, and they were meeting for practice. Before he left though, my Grandparents gave us Easter presents. I got a polo shirt (which I'm returning, it's not really my style.) Then we gave them our presents for them, which was a bag of mints for my Grandmother, and the plastic bag holder for my Grandfather. Which then my cousin made fun of the holder. It's not like he's ever given a present to my Grandparents, much less made one. Ass. He left soon after though.
This was when my sister pulled out her wedding stuff to show my Grandmother. Can I tell you how boring that all is? I hung out for a bit, just hanging out, but was super bored. I could tell my Grandfather was bored too, so I gave him an old stack of National Geographic. I'm sure he's read them all before, but at least it was something. My sister's fiancee had his game boy to amuse himself. It started raining around this time. Also the TV will stuck on more golf, so I couldn't even amuse myself by watching something fun.
Around 5, the dog made a huge ruckus in his pen. We went to go see what it was, and all three of the neighbor's dogs were in our yard, surrounding the horse barn, barking at something. I heard someone mention that Chester was seen out there, so Ian and I headed over there and shooed the dogs away. And there we found Chester. Those dogs had cornered him in the barn. He was up high, and they couldn't have reached him, but I don't like how they were barking at him and had him cornered. I don't think they would hurt him, and I know he can take care of himself, but I would not like to find out if they were given the chance. Before this I was fine ignoring the dogs, but if they're causing trouble, or potential danger to my pets, I won't deal with that. Let's just hope that it doesn't happen again.
For dinner we did cube steaks. We were going to do rice with it, but for some reason it had gone bad. So in a rush (it was the last thing cooking), I had to make some mashed potatoes. We only had the instant kind, which is a total no-no with my Grandmother, but I added enough crap to them to make them taste like the regular ones. So, I don't think she noticed the difference. After Dinner, my sister and her fiancee left. Ian also went upstairs, leaving just the four of us, my mother, my grandparents, and myself. We ended up watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", which I am not a fan. They guy was so kind, and willing to put up with everything, I was sure he was a serial killer. He was just waiting to marry her so he could eat her eyeballs or something. Or at least that's how I rationalized his actions. After the movie they left, I managed to bring the dog in then drag myself upstairs to fall into bed.
One more day, one more day...

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