Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday... ZZZZZZ.... huh, what?

First off I will state that I had a terrible nights sleep last night, simply dreadful, so if anything I type seems weird, rambling, or just plain off, that's why. I don't know why I sat in bed for over an hour and a half trying to fall asleep, or why I woke up every few hours wide awake last night, but I sure hope it never happens again. Maybe I wasn't able to fall asleep because I had an early morning, and needed to make sure I got up with my alarm. Sometimes I can psyche myself out like that when I'm trying to get to sleep so I can get up early.
Anyway, I did get up this morning at 7 (I know, not that early, but still). After getting breakfast and getting changed, my father and I headed out, around 7:55. Our destination? Asheboro Community College. Each year there's an auction of the county's surplus school supplies. It's a lot of random stuff, most worse for wear, but there are some diamonds in the rough. My dad went last year when I was still living in Maine, and bought a few things. In fact the desk and t.v. stand I use came from there. So I was interesting in going and seeing what they had in person, although we don't really need anymore furniture. My room's getting a bit crowded, and anything that comes in is going to just be replacing what I already have.
Anyway, it was about 8:15 when we got to the school. The auction didn't start until 9, so we had some time to kill, but we got there early to preview what they had. And it was seriously underwhelming. I didn't see anything that I would really want in my room, much less anything that I wanted to wait around until 9 to bid on (it was a tad chilly). They did have one sewing machine, but it was clearly damaged, and I don't really need another sewing machine in general, much less a broken on. They had a couple of surgers, but they were all marked broken, plus once again, don't need one of those for my sewing either. So we ended up leaving before the auction started, we were back in the truck by 8:34 and heading out on the road. I thought from there that we would be heading back home, but surprise, surprise, we were going grocery shopping.
Since the auction was a bust, I asked if we could stop in any tag sales we saw. We ended up stopping at a few, but they were all busts. Not a Barbie in any of them. There was one that had some male sewing patterns, but they were not priced, and I didn't know who was in charge, so I just left them. We also stopped into the Goodwill and Salvation Army, but they were pretty lame too. I did see a Barbie at the S.A., which was cool because I've never seen one there, but it wasn't one that I wanted. There were no Barbie's at the Goodwill at all. I think they got rid of a lot of their stuff because their shelves were pretty bare. I also stopped into a Family Dollar, just to see what they had. Shockingly, they had a Liv doll for 15 dollars! It was so odd, you can get that doll at Walmart for the same price, so I don't understand why they would charge that much at a "discount" store. Anyway, it wasn't until we went to the Christian Second Hand store that I actually got something. (Finally, right?) I actually managed to break both of my dry spells for fabrics and dolls in one fell swoop, so I guess I really didn't give either of them up for Lent. (but I almost did.)
For starters I found a sewing book. Published by Simplicity in 1975 it's another book that details how to sew. I know, I know, I don't need another one, to add to the three I already have, but this one's a bit different because it does have some information about sewing for men. Although, it's only a very small section about it, apparently there's a separate book that you could have gotten for sewing for men and boys. (If I only had a time machine.) P.S. Isn't the cover weird? That Model is certainly made up to look quite foolish, the back image is pretty cool though, and that's not even how bright it really is, the flash dulled the colors. And there's some pretty 70's-rific outfits in the book. Not many that Barbie would wear, but I can certainly use some for inspiration. But I think that this book will be helpful when I do decide to sew something for a person compared to a doll, which I'm still building up the courage to do. There are some issues with this book though, the binding is coming undone, so there are several chunks of pages that are coming out. They're all there though, but really, what could I expect for a dollar? I did look though their pattern section, but there was nothing that I wanted.
I was more lucky with their fabric section. Their fabric section is really weird, I have no clue how they get it or where it comes from, in the section they have the most random of stuff, most of it terrible, and unusable. I think most of it is vintage. But today I found a few things that I will actually use! (Or would at least like to.) Look at the picture I posted so you'll know what I'm talking about here. From left to right: first off we have this cotton flowered material, it's... unfortunate, but it came taped together with most of what's in the picture. Doubt I'll ever use it, but at least I have something in case I need to make more ceder satchels! After that is some dark green linen. It's pretty and I'm sure I'll use it eventually, just don't have any plans for it at the moment. Next there's some candy cane fabric! This is the reason why I bought this random lot, I just thought it was too cute. They're actually a little big for Barbie scale, but I just couldn't leave it there! I'm sure that I'll do something else by Christmas time, but couldn't you see someone wearing a skirt from this material? I know I could, and you might see me do that in time. After that is some red fabric, not sure what it's made of, but it's some slippery synthetic. There's not a whole lot of it there, but that's fine with me, I added it to the rubbermaid box since it's not cotton, so I don't really know if I'll use it anytime soon. Next is a pink linen, it's a little skin tone colored, but it's certainly nice. Once again, not sure what to do with it yet, but it's certainly pretty. After that is some red cotton with white pin dots. This was cute, and certainly had a vintage Barbie sheath dress feel to it. If I was still making them, I'd certainly make one from this fabric. But I still might do that, but first I'd need someone to need some new clothes. Finally from that lot I got some purple linen. Again, cute, but nothing I really needed. The price for all this? Two dollars. When we were checking out the woman asked my father if someone in our family quilted (Originally the lot was marked for quilting), he played her off. Embarrassing. But there's something else in the picture that I haven't mentioned yet, the final piece of fabric. This is one that was separate from the rest of the lot. It's pink dotted Swiss, with the raised bumps and everything. I saw it and knew that I had to have it. You should know I'm a sucker for dotted Swiss. 50 cents bought me about a yard and a half of the stuff. It's a bit sheer, but still beautiful. It's also a little "girly" than I usually like, but darn it, I wanted it. I'm thinking that Chatty Cathy's going to get a pretty party dress from it. I just need to sort though my pattern stash to find one that I want. But I have no problem procrastinating on that project for a while, so you might not see it actually happening for a bit. Not sure who else would get something made from it, but you'll never know. And that's all the fabric that I bought today, but still quite enough in my opinion.
But that's not all that I got, there were several dolls that joined the collection today (sort of). Nothing vintage, and nothing that I really loved. One was a curiosity, one tagged along, and the other is a mannequin. The first one that I'm presenting to you, was one that was really puzzling. A highly articulated doll in the likeness of Ian McKellen. Although, I will say that when I first saw him, his face was covered by his beard and I though he was Moses or something like that. He was in a bag and I couldn't really make out the details. He was a dollar, so I took the plunge, thinking that I could use his body for a transplant. In the car I saw that his leg said Marvel, so I assumed he was Magneto from X-men. During my research I found out he was Gandalf from "The Lord of the Rings", either way he's a body donar, I just don't have a head that works for his neck knob, but I'm sure one will come in time. No pictures of him because by the time I got around to taking them he'd already been put away. Plus he's creepy. The second guy came along because he was in the same bag as Gandalf. Even before I got the bag open I knew that he was a cheap G.I. Joe clone. But even I didn't know how cheap he was until I was looking at him up close. He's got an odd amount of joints for such a cheap doll. He also has holes in his back for a speaker, but get this, he has no speaker. He also has a molded section for the battery compartment, but it's all solid. When they made him they used a mold from a talking doll, but he doesn't talk. It's weird. I knew I didn't want him, so I offered him to my brother. He declined, but said that if I wanted to we could shoot him with his BB gun, which I declined. He should know I don't like destroying toys for fun, science if necessary, but not for fun. Instead I added him to the pile of dolls I need to redress before I donate them. Maybe someone else will want him, and not for target practice. So I guess those two dolls aren't really part of the collection, yet, but the third one is going to be, at least for a while. And I would like to say, that this new doll, is all Charlotte's fault. You may remember me talking about how I really liked what Charlotte was wearing, but didn't have anyone to wear it when she was done, well... I bought someone today specifically to wear it when she's done with it. (This is a new level of insanity even for me.) I found a Cinderella doll in the store that I thought really fit the style of the dress. She's a bit dirty, and suffers from hookery glitter eyeshadow, but she's still really cute. I didn't realize it in the store, but she actually uses a completely different headsculpt than my original Cinderella. She's got more of a smile, and her head is much bigger (and my Cinderella's head was pretty big from the get go), although I saw a new Cinderella today in the stores, and I think her head is actually bigger than the one I bought today. But I could be wrong, I didn't have the new doll in hand to compare. Not sure when Charlotte's going to give up her dress, but we now have someone to wear it when she does. I will have to find different shoes though since the ones she's wearing now belong to a different outfit. But that's a problem for another day, I'm going to bed, I'm exhausted!

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