Friday, April 29, 2011

Some Updates for Friday

Okay, before I forget, I want to share with you guys, I sold something from my etsy store! Finally one of my patterns sold! It was one of my lower priced ones, a skirt one, but still. Something finally sold! It actually happened yesterday, but I forgot to mention it. I have it all packaged up and ready to go, just need to write a little thank you note for it. It'll get into the mail tomorrow, is it weird that I'm so nervous about it? I hope it goes smoothly.
With my new found money, I'm already trying to spend it. It's a sickness I swear. I found something in E-bay that I really, really, want and I bid. I should have just enough money for it, if nobody bids against me. So finger's crossed for me please! It ends on Sunday, so my weekend's going to be full of checking to see if I'm still the lead. Either way if I win, or if I lose I'll tell you what I'm bidding on, just not until either of those things happen. I'm just a bit superstitious, plus what if someone out there reading this, wanted it too? I'd hate to be outbid by one of my readers! So, you are just going to have to wait until it's all over for me to hear about what I'm bidding on. Even if I don't win, (I'm convinced I'll get sniped at the last second) I'm thinking about my plan B for the money. If E-bay doesn't take it, I'm going to get some doll hair. I think I'm going to get some red hair next. I don't have a red head Skipper, so it would be something for the new girl. I also have that TNT Barbie head waiting for some hair, so I would do her in that color too. But E-bay gets the first chance for my money. (Let me win, let me win, let me win!)
Speaking of Skipper, her outfit is done, just waiting for her to show up and claim it. I ended up redoing a pair of shorts (I made two and they both were not how I wanted them.). They're now just a pair of really short shorts. I kind of like them on their own now. I paired them with a simple white blouse and it's a cute look. If I get another Skipper she might just get some simple shorts and blouse, but not this one. She's already got her clothes finished. I did remake the head scarf today, but this time I made it too short. I decided that the original one was much too big for her head, and gave it to Barbie. Sadly it's a little bit too big for Barbie's head as well, but at least it's a better fit. After I messed it up the second time, I gave up on it. It doesn't really work with the outfit, plus I didn't want to make it a third time. It would only be worn when she was waiting for her new hair. I think I'm either going to live with her hair for a while, break down and make the headscarf when she arrives, or buy a hat for her. Hobby Lobby sells straw hats, I just need to find out if they sell one that is in her size. If it does I can get one and make it all cute with ribbons. I just wish I had some ribbon flowers, that would look adorable. But as of right now I decree her dress finished. I've already redressed Skooter in her usual outfit and put her back on the shelf. (She's usually my fit model for Skipper since her hair is so short and doesn't get in the way.) I also stuck the new dress up on the vintage shelf too, it's waiting for it's owner to show up and claim it. I hope it looks good on her.
I also did some cleaning up in my general living space today. And, I finally put away Charlotte's coat. Do you remember that? It's the red pea coat that I made a while back. She hasn't been wearing it, but I put it on the Barbie sized dress form that I have. I love Doll dress forms, but I only have the one. Today I put away the red coat, and started displaying the "Tales of the Hoffmann" dress on it. It looks really nice on it. I didn't bother putting the pantaloons on because they wouldn't fit, I just put them away.
And for our final thing of the day, I was taking pictures for something else, and I took a couple of the projects that I did recently that I didn't bother with the camera. So I finally present to you, Charlotte's jumper, Skipper's dress, and Skipper's under shorts; (The pictures aren't the best, but they're what I have for you)

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