Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday without a cute title...

Sunday, we're reaching the home stretch! Sunday started off even more rushed than the days before. I was downstairs having breakfast (and emptying the dishwasher), when I found out my Grandparents were on their way. I just had enough time to pick up some of the mess I left last night before they arrived. I even had to put some of the dirty dishes from yesterday out in Garage to keep them out of sight. After they got here, and had their coffee, we ended up watching another movie. "You've got mail", which I am so not a fan of. I don't really care for Tom Hanks or Meg Ryan, they just don't do anything for me. But I was forced to hang out and watch it. Luckily it was time to go and start lunch soon, so I was able to escape, think I watched most of it anyways.
Lunch was Chicken and Dumplings. I've made this before, but it's been forever, so I needed guidance. It came out decently, although the chicken did get a little burned on the bottom (not my fault), but it was just the skin, so not that big of a deal. My brother joined us for lunch. After lunch we sat around chatting and watched more golf... yay more golf. I'd rather have my eyeballs eaten that watch golf. Anyway, midway though, my Mom mentioned that my brother had a lot of homework to do that day, so my Grandparents opted to go back to their hotel so my mother and brother could get a head start on it. They planned to come back when the golf was over (yay!) for dinner. After they left I hung out for a bit, helping out with what little homework I could before I headed upstairs. I came back down when my Grandparents were coming back, so I could set out dinner. It was the ham yesterday for sandwiches, although I think I was the only one having an actual sandwich. After dinner we chatted again before my Grandparents headed out again. This time they were heading out for the night, and were leaving in the morning to head north. We said our goodbyes, and I cleaned up the leftover food. Again I hung out downstairs to help with what I could, but then I was finally able to head back upstairs. There I was able to look Charlotte for the first time since Friday. She's been stuck on my desk wearing part of her steampunk outfit. I've been too tired to even move her. So I redressed her. Nothing better than what she was wearing, just something different. She'll be redressed in the morning, this was just something to play around with. But even with my night ending sooner, I was still exhausted from this weekend. I brought the dog in and fell asleep.

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