Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday... can I lie down???

Writing went off a little more roughly than I would have liked today. But I'm not too shocked over that happening. This is my first day writing in a totally new section, one that doesn't have anything written. We have a very vague outline to work with at best. So I really need more time to think about the section before I start committing things to page. If I do that too early I just get frustrated and mad that it's not working.
Right now I'm at that point where I know what I don't want, but I am not sure what I do want. So today I got about 1/2 page of writing done, followed by just some editing work on the section. That's all I really could do since I need more time to think about it. So after that I stopped. I think that if I'm stuck next week I'll just move ahead and do more work on later sections, and let my thoughts "stew", better than obsessing over a blank word document.
My day was pretty low key beyond that. It wasn't until 9 that something went down. I was lounging about and when I sat up something was going on with my eyes. I'll try to explain it the best I can. Has anyone seen a bright light and it's image is burned into your eyes for a few seconds? I have very blue eyes so it happens to me often. It was like that, but stronger and wouldn't go away. I tried to go about my regular business, hoping it would clear up. But it didn't, no matter what I did, my vision was blurred. And even worse than not going away, it brought some other friends to the party. By the time I was in bed I had a splitting headache on the left side of my brain, was sick to my stomach, I was sweating a bunch, and my right hand kept getting pins and needles. I fell asleep, hoping it would be gone tomorrow. You'll be updated on it then...

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