Thursday, April 28, 2011


It looked like the Rapture had happened this morning. There were clothing, shoes, jewelery, and accessories laying about, casually discarded by the wearer. The reason? The poor weather that was rapidly approaching us. We had the potential to get a tornado around here, so I was planning accordingly. Since I live on the second floor, if something happened to the house I'm sure my room would get affected by it, so I decided to pack up some of the dolls in case I needed to make a quick evacuation to the basement. And that's when we all learned that Daddy plays favorites. I grabbed all the vintage dolls, making sure to take off all their shoes and jewelry, since you shouldn't store them with their shoes and such on. I left those on the bookshelf because I can get more shoes and make more necklaces, can't get these exact same dolls. I also packed all the Momoko dolls, as well as Charlotte, Joe, Ashley, and Vanessa. Vanessa was a last minute addition just because of how long I waited to get one of these dolls, not going to let her slip though my fingers now. I left everyone else because of space and time. Unfortunately I had to leave both Chatty Cathy's and Cindy sad eyes, due to how big they are. At least now we know why she's sad all the time, knowing that I'd leave her behind in a tornado. That would make me sad too. But I left a lot of other people behind too, so it's not like she was the only I was forced to leave behind.
Luckily my abandonment didn't have any negative consequences. We were fortunate to have the weather pass us by again. We only had a little bit of thunder and it passed by quickly. We were lucky, lots of places south got hit much worse than we got it. Birmingham Alabama got devastated by this storm. I don't recall the exact number, but over 130 people were killed last time I saw the news. Which is so sad. My thoughts are with the people of those areas. I can't even think about living in an area that just got wiped out like that. I had a hard time processing it on the news, just scary stuff.
When the weather passed us by I put the dolls back. I don't like keeping them packed away because I don't like them touching each other that closely. (They have personal space issues) I don't want to stain anyone's face. Also looking at the empty shelves are sad. So I started the whole unpacking process, putting everyone back and giving them back their shoes and accessories. A worthwhile process, but a process none the less. I got everyone put away except for the Momoko dolls. They can wait until tomorrow.
I did do some sewing later in the day, for Skipper's sundress, but nothing came out well. The shorts are too small and the headscarf is too big. I'm going to have to redo both of them. Sigh, hate when that happens. But it happens. No "Finish it up Friday" tomorrow, maybe I'll get this dress finished. No rush, according to the package tracker Skipper's only left Spain. But who knows how long it will take for her to get here after that. And I'm not sure who's Customs are going to hold her. Is it the USA's or Spain's? Or both? I don't really know.

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