Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Still no writing this Tuesday, I can't get motivated to work on it yet. We finally heard back from the Animal Control people. They don't have any short haired orange cats. Which is upsetting. I mean Chester being at animal control was a slim chance, but it was still some hope to cling to. But now we know he's not there. I'm still trying to find peace with him being gone, but it's not going to be easy. Right now I'm just not even trying to think about it because it hurts too much. I haven't mentioned it anywhere else beyond this blog because I don't want to deal with it. I guess if I announce it, it'll all be so real, and so final, and I still can't admit that yet. I'm still referring to Chester in the present tense, the other day I used the past tense and almost started crying as soon as I said it.
I didn't spend the entire day wallowing in my sadness, I did manage to get some stuff done. I tweaked the bust darts in the jumper Charlotte is wearing. I made them too high, and it was pulling the fabric. I just pulled out like 1/16 of an inch at the top. It's looks a little stressed, but I'm not that worried. When Charlotte's done with it, I doubt anyone will wear it. I did try it on a vintage doll, it can't fit over their shoulders. I thought Midge was going to tear it just trying it on. So I guess it belongs on a modern Barbie body. Unfortunately there's only eleven of them, and they either dressed, or would look terrible in that style, so no takers for this outfit.
I also did some cooking today. The other day I saw that there was a recipe for chocolate cake on the container of ricotta cheese we had. Basically it's make the mix and add a cup of cheese to it. Isn't that weird? But it piqued my interest, so I wanted to try it. So today I made it, cupcakes like usual. And let me tell you, don't think I'm going to do that again. Sure, they are really moist, but they are really crumbly. They just don't hold their shape very well, turning to mush before you can eat them. It was interesting thing to try, but I don't think I'll make that again. The next time I make chocolate cake (for my Dad's birthday), I'm just going to make it normally. No need adding extra stuff that really doesn't do anything but make it worse.
I did do some other sewing today. I was bored earlier and did a search for free sewing patterns. Most things I found were things I'd seen before, things that didn't work for me, or were things I could make with patterns that I already had. I did find something interesting. It was a pattern for a "simple Lolita dress". It's for a larger doll than Barbie with a different body shape, but it has potential. I am able to adapt patterns somewhat successfully, I just need a jumping off point. I don't plan on making the dress how they have it, so it's going to be adapted off the bat. I printed off the pattern in a bunch of smaller sizes trying to find the best fit. So far I've made two different muslins for it. Right now the best fit seems to be 75 percent, but like I said, this is some heavy adapting going on. I think I've gotten it decent, or at least to a better point, but that's where I stopped. I just don't have a real project in mind for it yet. Maybe tomorrow I'll look through my fabric and see what I have that would work with the pattern. Here's the link in case anyone's interested: http://www.doll-candy.com/download/Doll-Candy_MSDdress001.pdf

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