Friday, April 1, 2011

The Redress List for April

Well, it's the first of the month, and time to see how productive the last month was in terms of crossing people off the redress list, and seeing who we need to keep working on. So without further ado;
The Redress List for April

Teen Skipper,
Princess Lea,
Integrity Toys Doll 2,
Integrity Toys Doll 3,
Marie 1,
Marie 2,

Dolls taken off the list: Sindy, Cosette, Micheal
Dolls added to the list: Micheal, Edmund
Last month was a quiet one, with no dolls really entering the collection. But I did add a Ken doll to the list since I've grown unsatisfied with how I originally dressed him. It was also pretty quiet in terms of fabric shopping, since I only bought some white calico this past month. I didn't bother adding some of the dolls that I simply changed their clothes, because I don't think they really belong on this list. Becky remains on the list because I'm still not satisfied with her clothes, or maybe I'm just unsatisfied with her in general.
See you all next month!

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