Saturday, April 30, 2011

What a Lame day! (Add the little swish over the "E")

Went out shopping today. This was my first time out of the house in quite a while. I could have gone out earlier in the week, but I didn't feel much like going out. I was too upset over things that had happened recently. Today I needed to get that package mailed out with the pattern in it, and it didn't seem fair to make my dad go out alone, when he was doing a chore for me. So I went along with him.
He freaked me out at first because he put the cat carrier in the back of the truck. I nervously asked him why he was doing that. There's been talk lately of getting a second dog. My official stance is I'd rather get another cat before we got another dog, but it was far too soon to be even thinking about getting a second cat. But sometimes my dad can be a little impulsive, and I was worried he had plans to get a new cat. And I just don't want that right now, it's just too soon. But he wasn't planning on getting another cat. He put the cat carrier in the back because he's been having dreams about a new cat, and was wondering if it was a premonition about a new cat coming into our lives, and wanted to be prepared in case we came across one while we were out. Luck favors the prepared mentality I guess. Either way, we didn't see any cats when we were out, which was fine by me. I'm more than fine not actively seeking one out for a while, like I said, too soon.
We got the package all set and into the mail shortly before the post office closed. I need to contact the person to tell them that. I hope it arrives there soon, and it's just what they were expecting. I want my first Etsy sale to be a successful one. (and every one after that too.)
After the post office we went off to the Salvation Army. The clown riding a unicorn is still there. I checked, it is a music box. Oh, how I wish it wasn't broken, if it wasn't I'd get it in a heart beat. It is seriously the tackiest thing I've ever seen. Although, there were a few things giving it a run for it's money today. I would love to see my Grandmother's face when she got it. I did however find something that I wanted today at the store. I found two patterns! At this point, I think I'm starting a men's pattern collection. Whenever I find one I'm compelled to get it, even though the odds of me sewing anything with it are stacked against me. Today I found McCall's 7547, a Men's western shirt (which is kind of cute), and McCall's 6050, which is actually a children's pattern. But it's both simple shorts and t-shirts. Which are nonexistent for adults. I'm not sure the sizing of adults to children, (It looks like it's for older children) but I figured that I could at least use it for a start as to making my own t-shirt pattern. Besides it was only 69 cents, figured I could gamble on it. The Men's shirt one was only 49 cents.
After there we went to Goodwill, but they didn't have anything of interest for me. They had some wedding dresses there, which I always find so sad to see there. It's just so depressing seeing someones wedding dress on display for someone to come along and pick up. I always feel uneasy when I see those. From there we moved onto the Christian Second Hand store. They were doing some reorganization, so it was a little awkward walking around the store while they were moving stuff. Seems like the toy section and the craft section were moving. Those are the only sections that I really bother looking at. I think they are moving the toy section so that they can see it better from the front desk. They try to keep kids from playing with the toys, but whenever I go over there it's usually a mess. I did like how it was tucked into the corner and I was able to look at stuff discreetly. But I guess we'll see how the change turns out, could be for the best. I didn't see any toys there that interested me, but that's no surprise. They don't have that much of a turn around with toys, and it's usually just newer Barbies. Although, I did find my second Marie Osmond doll there, so they do have older stuff from time to time. Plus the person was still moving the toys from the old shelves to the new ones, so I didn't look at them very in depth. The fabric section was now in a totally different spot, and I did check it out, but they didn't have anything I needed or wanted. Most fabrics were too thick for Barbie, and too ugly for me! I did have some luck with the craft section, so it wasn't a total loss. I found two bags filled with random groups of eyelet material and lace. They were each a dollar, so you were darn sure that they came home with me. I now have lace for days. Check out the second photo on the left, that's all the lace that I got today. There's also a whole lot of eyelet material in random sizes and conditions. That photo is the one below the lace pile. Not sure if or when I'll use any of it, but I now have the option to. I can see a lot of white dresses and skirts in my future. There was also a smaller bag of off white lace (photo on the right). This one was a lot of smaller laces. They were originally wrapped around an envelope. It had a postmark of 1981, can you believe it? This lace has been waiting for that long to be used. Not sure when I'll use them, but I have so much trim now, I can afford to play around with it. And all this was only two dollars, I sure love a deal! That store really seems to have good stock if you really dig for it. I also managed to find something for my dad. They had a military gas can there for six dollars. It was tucked away by the new place the fabric ended up. I went and showed it to him, and it came home with us. I should have known. But at least it wasn't that expensive.
After that I went to Hobby Lobby. I had that 40 percent off coupon tempting me. While I was there, I looked at their straw hats. I found one that looked to be in Skipper's size, but they only came in packages of ten... but I only need one! But ten was my only option, so I got a pack. They were only two dollars and now I've got spares in case I need more, or practice ones. I gave one to my mother, just in case she wanted to play around with personalizing one. I don't know, I thought she might doing that. Even if she never does anything with it, not a big deal, I have nine more. Since I had the hat, I went on another search for those silly ribbon roses, since I think that would look cute to decorate them. I looked in every possible location that they could be in that store, (and some really random places too) but no luck. Eventually I broke down and asked somebody who worked there, the nice lady who works in the fabric section (Mary). She tried to help me, but couldn't think of anything. I seriously think that Hobby Lobby doesn't sell any ribbon roses. I can't really believe that, because those things are so cliche in crafts you'd think any craft store would carry them. But I've looked though that store, and can't find them. Mary didn't think they carried them. And they call themselves Hobby Lobby? It's more like Hobby...ish Lobby. But I finally got my answer if they sold them or not. And while I was looking I found out where they had their velvet, another thing I've been trying to spot. Not because I need it anymore, but when you look for it, and can't find it, you remember trying. Now I want to try some stretch velvet. But I did get some fabric today. I decided to use the coupon this week and get some gold lame. It's incredibly tacky, but I love it. It drapes wonderfully and it's just so shiny. I hope that it drapes well on Barbie. I don't have a specific project in mind for it yet, but I'm sure I will think of something in time. I want to note, that it's not a very forgiving fabric. It's going to hold up to a lot of stress. Hopefully I won't have to do a lot of sewing (and resewing) to it, because it's going to show if I mess up. All the stitching is going to show, and if it's pulling, it's going to look it. I still want to get a yard of the silver, as well as a yard of the white metal lame. Hopefully I find a project to use on them, otherwise I'm just wasting money. Any suggestions?
That's all that I got today, even though I didn't get any snaps, or white thread. I was feeling kind of guilty for my purchases, so I skipped it. Even though I desperately need both of those things. The best place to get both of those things is Walmart, and we weren't going there today. Hopefully I can hold out a little bit longer. Although, I really don't have that much to do in terms of sewing projects. I don't have anything planned for Charlotte, and the new Skipper already has clothes made for her. So I'm again at that point where I'm just waiting for the next project. But isn't that the story with me?
BTW, I'm planning on picking back up theme days on Sunday, just fyi.

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