Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wow, what a way to end a day...

I started off my morning later than usual. Had a hard time falling asleep last night, so when my alarm went off this morning, I turned it off and went back to bed. I planned to only rest for a bit, but when I looked at my clock again, it was a little bit before 10, not sure where those two hours went, but they were gone, never to be seen again.
Oh! And before I forget, I have some exciting news! One of my photos made it into the header over on "In the Pink", and not only was it my photo, it was one of Charlotte. (She's a celebrity!) It was one of the pictures showing off the pink shirt dress I made recently. Ironically, the doll who's wearing that dress now has been one of the photos that made it into the header before. (Okay, maybe just ironic to me.) I took a screen-grab to preserve the moment in history, here it is (I wonder if she's going to receive fan mail);Anyway, the late start kind of threw off my morning, although I didn't have anything planned in general. Now that I've completed my ballet costume, I'm again without a project to work on (I'm a broken record). Not really sure what I'm going to make next, I just hope it comes to me sooner than later. You know how annoying I am when I'm waiting. I did however get some pictures taken of the costume for you guys. I know, I made you wait so long, and even worse you're not the first to see these. I already posted them on Flickr and "In the Pink". So they might not be new to any of you. However, you guys will be the first to see the photo of the back of the dress, nobody else got to see that. I spoil you like that. But enough jabbering, here are the photos, I hope you like them;

I got the pictured taken before the heavy weather hit us. It was supposed to be a really terrible storm, and apparently it was in other parts of the state, but we got nothing. The skies got dark, but it just rained a bit and had some thunder that sounded far away. We've had stronger storms than this one recently, so we got lucky this time. My heart goes out to the people who got it much worse than we did.
After the storm cleared I did do some sewing. It was testing out a pattern that I had never sewn before, but I think there was something messed up with the original source. It was far too big, like super big. It was designed for the Silkstone dolls, and while I was using a Belly button body with it, it was still too big, like two people could wear the same top. I did a bunch of changes to it, but I think I'm going to have to rethink it as a whole, but not that big an a concern to me. This was more something I was interested in just to know I can do it, not like I needed this pattern for a project I was planning. After I gave up on that I just worked on taking apart the night gown that I bought for the ballet dress. It has some lace on it that I wanted to take off. Again, not for a project in mind, but just to have in general. Originally I thought it was one long strip, but it's actually several shorter strips sewn together. So now I have four strips of acrylic lace, about 6 inches long. There's some matching lace on the sheer overlay that I didn't take off yet, so I still have some work to do. I only wanted to get the stuff off the nightgown today.
When I was doing that I had a friend IM'ed me. I chatted while I worked, and even when I stopped we kept chatting.
Late in the evening he made a comment about me sewing people clothes, and I said that I don't do that, I just sew for dolls. And he went on this tangent about how I'm wasting my life, and basically trying to get me to admit I'm doing the wrong thing, and that my life needed change or else I was going to be homeless. It's like, why are you attacking me like that? It was just so random. And he went on, even though I asked him to stop several times.
The worst part he really doesn't even know me that well, but felt he had the right to attack me like that. But that's not even the cherry on top of the Sundae, he had the gall, the gall to attack the doll collection. If anyone knows me, they should know to not comment negatively on the doll collection. I have dealt with too much negativity and had to fight multiple people, and small mindedness to even play with them to listen to any crap about them. Those dolls helped get me though a lot, and helped me learn about who I am as a person. And the worst part is, I think this person was just trying to get a rise out of me, because a lot of what they were saying was something that applied to them. It makes me seriously wonder if they're off their medication, (Not saying that to be mean, it's a legitimate comment.) thinking about what they said earlier in the conversation before the attack I now notice a couple of baiting comments. I think he was just looking for a fight, and it wasn't until later he was able to start one. But even though I could comment about his own issues, I held my tongue. Except I did make one comment about his weight (which I tried to avoid so, so, so much because I have my own weight issues.), but when all you do is complain about your weight and never do anything to change it, and then comment on someone needed to change their life it's a bit much. And even when I mentioned that, his come back was, "I know I have flaws, I admit that." it was like, "Oh my God, when have I ever not mention having flaws?" I of all people know my flaws, and my blog readers should know that too, I talk about it all the time. And I should mention, my weight comment came after he brought it up. I said he's one to talk about making changes in their life, but isn't listening to his own advice. And his come back, he is changing his life, he stopped drinking soda. Which I was shocked to hear, because it's not soda alone that's causing his weight issues. I should know I was in the same boat. I had to do a severe overhaul of my entire eating habits, so getting rid of soda means nothing. So I called him out on it. I mean, if we can count each little thing as something towards our daily life goal, I reached a huge part of my goal just by waking up this morning. But I didn't say that. I didn't feel comfortable talking about his weight, not in that situation, I just wish he had the same respect for me. But the final straw was when he commented on one day I'm going to be homeless and "talking in funny voices, while discussing Kelly's hair or Donna's dress", (Who the heck is Donna?, and I don't even like Kelly) and he hopes that one day he could give me five dollars (What?). And he's telling me this all because he "cares". Look, I know what throwing shade looks like, and that is some straight up shadiness. He also called it tough love, no, this was just straight up MEAN. And he's telling me stuff like I don't know what's going on. I'm certainly not happy about where my life is right now. I'm unemployed and living with my parents again. Not how I wanted my life to turn out. It's the way the economy is right now. Maybe when he's out of school he'll realize that it's not always easy, the whole world is suffering. But whatever, don't need people like that in life, so I blocked him.
How's that for a change, sucka?


  1. OMG, what's this guy's issue ? We had a similar morning, with FIL pulling crap like he wanted to mix it up, too - did a portion of the planet wake up with that shoulder-chip, or what ?

    To me, 'tough love' is keeping your mouth shut when the ones you love are happy with their decisions, especially if you're not. Sounds like your pseudo-friend and our FIL woke up with their switches turned to 'a-hole', hope someone slams their 'reset' and quick ! Sorry you had to deal with that. Anyone who's adult enough to admit what brings them joy - especially when it goes against the dreaded 'convention' - doesn't need bubble-gum advice from people who can't take their meds or be happy with any part of their own lives. Hmpft.

    Hope your tomorrow goes better, and that this jape wakes up tomorrow and knows he made a big, stupid mistake.

    BTW, the ballet dress is *gorgeous* ! Great job !

  2. I have no idea what his problem was. I'm chalking it up to something in the air from the bad weather. Like a high pollen count, but with jerkiness.
    Yeah, I don't think he knows what tough love really means. I mean, I'm not doing anything harmful to myself or others, so there's really no point for him to call me out on my behaviors. He's just as bad as the naysayers that say "boys shouldn't play with dolls". Sorry to hear about your FIL, I hope he gets turned around, since you're going to have to deal with him compared to my guy since I'm not talking with him anymore.
    And I'm glad you like the dress, it came out better than I expected! Thank you.