Friday, May 20, 2011

Another pair of shoes? You've got to be kidding me!

I wanted to say that I started the Skipper Re-root yesterday. You know me and re-roots, the sooner they begin, the sooner they end. I didn't bother taking pictures because I'd rather plow on though than stop and take pictures. Besides, it's only the end result that really matters with stuff like that. And I will definitely take pictures when it's all over and done with. So look forward to that.

Anyway today ended up being a shopping day, a different one that usual. It started off like the normal trips, then changed very quickly. Originally it was going to be the usual stops with all the second hand stores. But instead my father went to the downtown district on Sunset, the section with all the antique stores! He wanted to check out the Library book store, and he asked me if I wanted to go to the antique stores... seriously, that's like asking me if I want to keep breathing oxygen. Of course I wanted to go.
The first store was for the most part uninteresting. I did see that the Barbie dolls in the case were still there (Malibu Barbie, Mod P.J., Malibu Ken, Skooter, and Ricky). I knew that they were out of my price range so I didn't even bother looking at them in depth, even though I'd love to have them come home with me. I did see something new that was interesting. It was one of those Hong Kong dolls that use the Bild Lilli molds, one with the pink attached ponytail. She was 22 dollars, and while it was interesting, I don't collect those so she stayed there. I did take a picture of her however. Also it would be interesting to point out that this one was the place with the cool/creepy upper floor. The one that you feel like a murderer could be lurking waiting to strike around each corner. This time there were other people up there and all the lights were turned on. It was much less creepy, and much less fun this way. I actually enjoyed the pretend fear that came along with wondering that there was something dangerous there. It was like exploring an abandoned house, but legal. So I only made a quick sweep of it and left. I didn't leave the store empty handed. I found a new Barbie wicker chair for Charlotte. It's rather ornate, and you know how much I like having chairs for Charlotte to rotate. I'm toying with the idea of making a cushion for it, but I might not bother. It's actually tall enough for her feet not touch the ground when sitting. This only set me back 50 cents.
After that we went to check out another store along the strip. Sadly it was closed because it was moving. I was especially bummed since I was hoping to buy some vintage handkerchiefs there to try and make some doll clothes. I guess I'm going to have to wait some more to get some.
After there we went to the big antique store. We have a few people from there in the collection, okay, only two. Both painted hair Kens in "meh" condition. (Actually, this is where Chatty Cathy came from too, and I love her) But this was the place that had the booth of vintage dolls with the dollar box of shoes. I decided to start looking upstairs since it's cheaper and I didn't want to spend too much time there. So I breezed though the upstairs. There I found a booth with some cheap doll clothes. There I found a teal mod looking Barbie clone dress, as well as a male doll jacket, both for a dollar. They were both stapled in their plastic back packaging in FIVE places. you read that right, five places. The guy probably spent more on staples then got back in profits. When there I also found a vintage Midge doll. Unfortunately her face was mouse chewed and they wanted 28 dollars for her. It was from that guy that always over prices all of his stuff. She was on the more conservative side, but there were still plenty of things that made my eyes widen at his markup. If I still have any money left over when all my wheeling and dealing is done, I may go and buy her for her body, but I may not. Before I left I went down to the vintage doll booth to check it out, and it was gone! Which was upsetting. Before I left to go pay I ended up walking up the row of glass cases they have in front. They too have vintage dolls, always much out of my price range. Imagine my surprise when I saw the vintage dolls weren't gone, the woman had just moved her booth to there! And on top was the shoe box of shoes, and you know I had to check it out. I saw a pair of sneakers that I would have bought, but then I saw a pair of white pumps that looked oddly vintage. I snagged them because they were nice, and for a dollar you can't beat that price.
We hit up another store in that section (turns out the book store was closed, it has odd hours.) before heading home. It was a small store, one that we've been to like twice before. It was mostly nothing I wanted, but in the back of the store I saw a doll. A male doll with his feet chewed off. When I saw him I believed him to be a New Kids on the Block doll, but I wasn't interested in him, it was in what he was wearing. He was wearing a black and white houndstooth suit, and immediately when I saw it, it yelled, vintage Ken. Sure enough when I took off the jacket there was a Ken label. He came home with me for the price of a dollar.
We were not done shopping yet after that, we also went to Habitat for Humanity Re-store. There I managed to snag this lamp for fifty cents. you have no idea how happy that makes me. My room has terrible lighting, and when the sun goes down it's impossible to really keep working. Working with dark material? Forget about it, hopefully this will fix that problem and cut down on eye strain. I'll keep you posted. I picked this one because it was cheap and small. I don't have a lot of space on my desk, and don't want to take up any more than I have to.
At home I was able to research my purchases. The teal dress was labeled Hong Kong, with a paper label. One that dissolved when I was forced to wash it to remove some stains. Also the blue dye has been running like crazy. All the white parts of it are now dyed splotchy blue. I'm annoyed that it's been stained like that, but I'd rather have it stain the dress, than stain whatever doll I put it on. It's still soaking now. The solo jacket is a Ken jacket, from 1973. It belongs to a pilot's uniform. It's missing the pants, the shirt, the pin, the hat, and the shoes. Basically, everything. Still, it was a dollar. The shoes seem to be actual vintage shoes. They look exactly like the examples I find online, as well as they have the correct markings. So I really think I got a pair of vintage closed toe spiked heels for a dollar. Pretty sweet! My blond bubblecut with the nose nip is now wearing them, replacing the modern white heels that she was wearing. This is doubly good since I wanted to use those shoes elsewhere. I now have four pairs of vintage shoes in the collection. I'm moving up in the world!
The suit that I bought turns out to be from an outfit called "Big Business". It's for Mod Ken (which I assumed, since it could fit Joe), and came with a pair of socks and shoes, and a blue shirt with a mod tie. Since I didn't need the doll that it came with, I offered it as a gift to Smidge Girl, since I know she has one of these dolls already. She accepted, so it's going into the mail early next week.
Not a bad haul for five dollars right?

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  1. Great goodies you found and it. I'm so happy that it's warming up so I can start hitting some yard sales & flea markets. I love finding goodies for a bargain

    Can't wait to see your Skipper reroot