Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Arg, stress!

So, today I skipped book writing again, hopefully come Thursday I'll be back to normal and be back to the writing path.
Instead I did some research about my collar issues. And I have to say... did not find anything helpful. I did a lot of searches and looked over other patterns that I have, but couldn't find anything that really helped me. So eventually I just bit the bullet and tried again, using the collar pattern that I've used before. This one came out better than my previous attempts. Not perfect, but I can live with this version. I still need practice though. Still open to hearing how other people handle them.
After that I finished up the bodice and set about the make the skirt. I decided that I wanted to add a pleated skirt, so I had to make it first, before attaching it. I'm doing some adapting with the skirt pattern to see if I can make it look better in the back. The first attempt was a loss, I cut the back too short. so it didn't go around all the way. This wasn't a total loss because it was actually too short, it was showing much too much leg. I would have removed it anyway, and redone it. So I did redo it, making sure it was longer this time. The second one came out much (much) better than the first, in fit and in length. After that it was just detail and finishing it up work. I ended up added a row of pearl beads down the front, mimicking buttons. I didn't get it totally finished today, still need to do a couple things on it, not to mention, I need to make a few accessories for it, so tomorrow it will have it's grand unveiling, for you guys. Also, it's on my finished Skipper re-root, so you get to see that too for the first time. I hope you like it, I know I really do.

Now it's time for another teaser about my birthday present, but instead it's going to be a gripe. On Friday I won the auction, and got an e-mail telling me that. I e-mailed back an hour or so after that, then I waited. Yesterday I e-mailed again, wondering if they received my first e-mail, that's when I got e-mailed back. I found out the shipping for my item. I was expecting it for be about 10 dollars or so, turns out the cheapest estimate is going to be over 30! Which is mind boggling because that's more than what I'm paying for the item itself. Also I've paid less for further away, recently. So it's a bit up in the air if my parents are willing to pay for that. I offered to chip in what little money I have left, so here's hoping that will help. I'm looking into other shipping services, hopefully I can find something cheaper. Also the seller doesn't use Paypal, so I'm going to have to send a money order, which would be fine, except that apparently come Friday there might be a postal strike in Canada. Why does thing happen at the exact time that I need to use the Canadian postal service???

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