Saturday, May 7, 2011

Back to the sewing trail!

I started off this morning with putting away the re-root supplies (Yay!). I had some hair that I had left out in case Sweet Sixteen needed some more in spots, but after her boil perm she looks pretty good. A lot of it was in a random mess, so I spent some time organizing it. I do that, any hair that's not easy to work with I just dump into a pile and come back to it later. And I do use it. I have a Dusty doll that I bought a while back that needed a re-root. I bought her locally cheap, I did not seek her out on my own. Anyway, I got to the point of removing her hair and putting in two new plugs before I realized I didn't want to work on her, so I stuck her head in the drawer and her body into the closet. Today, to use up the hair I put about 5 more plugs in. She now has a grand total of seven. So maybe she'll be done on my 90th birthday. I'm not losing any sleep over her not being in the collection, so it might be later.
When I had put away all the re-rooting supplies, I turned my attention to the doll I'm going to send to Pedro. I don't want to send her nude, so it was up to me to make her something to wear. I decided to make her a sheath dress, using that red with white pin dots fabric that I bought a few weeks back. I was using the classic sheath dress pattern. Nothing fancy, something I've made time and time again, but... I managed to mess it up. For some reason it just wasn't fitting at the waist. So I gave up on it. Even if I figured out the fit issue it wouldn't look as nice as I'd like it to. I tried using the "Barbie in Japan" bodice, same fabric. This time instead of making a straight skirt, I added a flared one, and again I was having an issue with the fit. What????? Again into the box for later. That one might show up eventually on a Friday. I almost gave up I was so frustrated. I'm not sure what my issue is. Then I had a light bulb moment. Instead of a dress, I'd make separates. It was more work, but I've already wasted enough time with two failed dresses. So today I made the skirt, from the same red fabric, and a matching hair bow. No pictures today because I'm too lazy to grab the camera.
Tomorrow I plan on making the top, but didn't get a chance to today. Today was filled with dog drama, that I don't want to deal with!

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