Sunday, May 15, 2011

Can Cross that off the list...

I started off my morning with some organization, actually some un-organization. Last night when I went to bed, I just couldn't fall asleep. So instead of fighting it, I got up and did some stuff. One of those things was moving some stuff on the doll shelves (it happens). Basically I wanted to see how the dolls on the vintage runoff shelf (the media bookshelf) would look on the shelf below the Japanese doll shelf (the Dregs shelf). I moved all of the dolls that were on there and moved in the vintage dolls, leaving the displaced dolls on the floor. I was planning on putting them on the media bookshelf, but I didn't get too far. Tiredness hit me, and even before I crawled back into bed, I decided that this little endeavor was not a permanent one. It just didn't look good like that, so it was not going to be staying like that. So I left the dolls for morning with a lot of them still on the floor. If my dolls are anything it's patient.
I started off putting back the vintage dolls, since they all had their exact spots to go back to. Also their spots were empty and just needed them to be put back. The dolls on the other shelf didn't get put back in the exact way that they were originally. I felt they could use a little organization among them. Since we lost Donnie and Marie, I felt it could be arranged a little better. Basically it was a shuffle of a six of dolls there, with fifteen staying in the same spots as before. I was able to add the Cinderella I bought a few weeks back to wear Charlotte's regency outfit to the shelf as well. Before she was over on the media bookshelf with the vintage dolls, and was the odd (wo)man out, but that issues been fixed. The shelf feels more balanced now. And the shelf looks better now, less crowded, which is ironic since there is only one less doll on it now.
When everyone was back in their place, I got down to sewing. Today's agenda was finishing Sweet Sixteen's outfit. I had done the majority of the sewing already for her outfit already, all she needed was a few simple accessories. I started off with her neckerchief. Pretty simple, although I wish it was a little bit nicer (I did have some issues). I also made the tie thing for it, but that was something I had started earlier and was partially done. (Plus it's really easy.) After that all I had to do was make her socks. I decided to do them by hand and used the thin jersey knit that I have. Side note, I'm almost out of that. I need to get some more. I wouldn't have bothered to use the thin stuff, but they need to fit inside her shoes and I worry that the thick material would split the shoes.
After that she was finished. What do you guys think?

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