Thursday, May 19, 2011

Everyone's a Winner!

That's right, no matter which order you thought I was going to get the items you ordered you were right, because they all arrived today. I was hoping for the hair and the package from Matt, since according to their tracking numbers they were in town at six this morning. But when I went out to check the mail there were three packages there for me. The body arrived today too! It came from Virginia, so it's not surprising that it arrived to quickly, but it was still a nice surprise. I didn't bother taking pictures of the bodies or the hair because it's just a body and... hair. Nothing fun or exciting. They won't be interesting until they're actually in use. I will say that Charlotte's lucky that I like her as a blond, because that titan hair is gorgeous!
But I did take pictures of the stuff from Matt Sutton so you can see what I got.
First up we have the Bubblecut head. She has a repaired neck split, and the start of another one. I'm going to have to pre-treat that one before I start doing anything with her. But really, what can you expect for five dollars? I've paid more for worse, still a bargain. Re-thinking about re-rooting her, there's just so many holes in her head!Next we have our first group of shoes. First up is the white sneakers for the flat footed Barbie. Like I said these fit Vintage Ken if you push them on. I don't have a real use for them at the moment, but I figured it would be good to have a pair handy just in case. Next is a pair of yellow converse like shoes. These fit Barbie, but actually are a bit big for her. They don't fit anyone else. Not sure who made them, I want to say Liv, but I could be totally wrong. They almost fit vintage Ken except they are too narrow in the toe. Rats! Next is another pair of shoes for the flat footed Barbie. I didn't realize that they were those until they arrived. I don't have a doll that can fit them. They are long enough for Tuesday Taylor, but they don't have any arch and she has a pretty pronounced one, so it's a no go. I stuck them into the back of shoes that I have no real use for. Can't win them all I guess.After that is a pair of red sandals. I think that these have been modified with the strap been cut down. Right now the bubblecut in the Kimono is wearing them. They work better than the 90's Barbie pumps she was wearing at the time. Next is a pair of white Barbie flats. Not totally in love with this style, but I'm sure something so neutral will get used eventually. I think they might even fit Momoko and Francie, so that's a plus. Next is a pair of white kitten heels without a back. There's also some pink decorations on the front. These I just thought looked cool, no real outfit in mind for them yet.Starting off our final picture of new shoes we have a pair of gold heels with a strap. I'm not in love with the heels on these (they're a bit heavy), so I'm thinking about modifying them. Make them a little more delicate. Next is a pair of Rement shoes (I think they are, they're marked RM on the bottom of one of them.) They fit the Jenny dolls and Licca. Right now my first Jenny is wearing them, even though they don't really match her outfit, her feet are covered. And finally, we have a pair in brown much like the white and pink one above. I bought these because they gave off a serious professional look.So that's the shoes I got today. And do you think that's enough? (The answer is no people.) Even now I want more shoes people, more! Here's a photo of Charlotte with part of the shoe collection. She's missing the boot and right/left specific shoes bag. Also missing are the shoes that people are wearing in the collection. It will never be enough, will it? Is there treatment for shoe addictions?

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