Monday, May 2, 2011

Good Day/Bad Day

Some good news for everyone, Sweet Sixteen shipped this morning. She's coming from Rockford, Michigan. Interesting side note, I cannot spell Michigan, thank goodness for spell check. She has an estimated delivery date of the 5th, or the 6th. So hopefully before the end of this week I'll have her in my greedy little hands. And in some more good news, Skipper made her way here today! But in some bad news, she also left here today. Apparently Pedro payed for the shipping to include a signature. And for some reason the postman didn't even bother knocking on the door, he just left a note in the mailbox saying that we needed to go to the post office and pick it up today after 4:30. Or at least I think he didn't bother knocking on the door. My Mom, myself, and the dog were all at home when he dropped off the mail, and I would hope that at least one of us would have heard it if he stopped by. We all heard the UPS man earlier in the day when he dropped off a package for my Dad. My dad offered to go chase down the postman for me and get the package, but he didn't catch him in time. So Skipper's waiting for me back at the post office. Which is annoying, especially since we're not going to get a chance to get her until Wednesday. My dad's working the next few days, and while my Mom would take me and get it, my only form of I.D. is super out of date, so I worry if they would give her to me. I really should get on getting a new one of those. Anyway, I'm going to have to wait a few more days for Skipper. Which I'm oddly okay with (comparatively). I think it's because I'm really excited for Sweet Sixteen to arrive. If she was waiting for me at the post office I'd be chomping at the bit to get there. (Like in a gnaw through my own leg in a bear trap kind of way.) Although, Pedro said he included a few extra things for me in the package, so I'm super excited to see what they are. So Wednesday needs to hurry up. Plus I want to get Skipper home. Her dress is all finished and just waiting for her. I'm still trying to make up my mind where she's going to go on the shelves. Same with Sweet Sixteen. Did you know with their addition, I'm going to have 40 vintage dolls? Honestly, it boggles the mind. I hate saying, "I never thought I'd have so many" but... I never thought I'd have so many. A few years ago, my entire vintage collection was 15 dolls, and now it's blossomed into 40! Pretty soon I'm going to need another bookhelf for all of them, but I think right now we will have room for everyone. And after these two dolls, I'm not expecting anyone new for a while. But I say that all the time. (and I just hate it when it's true.)
Beyond those little updates, today was fairly standard of a day. It was a writing day since I'm going back to my regular routine. I'm still having trouble getting into the section I'm working on now. Which is understandable because I did take a break from it all last week, and I'm really just starting to work on it altogether. Today I sat down and brainstormed on the section as a whole, then I workout out about a page and a half of general dialogue. It still needs some major retuning, but I think I may have started this section. I didn't do a whole lot because I wanted to stop and come back to it on Thursday and see if I still liked what I've written. I'm thinking about adding another writing day to the schedule, but we'll see about that. It all depends on if I still don't have any sewing projects planned. As I lamented earlier most of the dolls are dressed, so I have less and less to do. Maybe some more writing will fill that free time. But even if I'm not sewing, I have Sweet Sixteen's re-root to look forward to, so that's going to use up a lot of my free time for a bit.
When I was finished with writing, I moved on to doing some research for Sweet Sixteen's dress. I did a Google search for Gothic Lolita and looked over the pictures. I found that I really liked the Victorian-esque outfits of the genre. I have a few things that I like, I just need to filter them into a workable garment. It's a bit tricky because of the small scale, as well as my own skill limitations. I did several drawings for ideas, and didn't get a single one that I liked. Later today I plan on going though all my patterns to see if I have anything that would be a good starting point. Might as well see if I have something like I want, so I'll be able to see how it looks in a 1:6 scale. It's kind if hard translating something from real life to such a small scale. Hopefully I have something to use as a launching point. Even if I have to really adapt a pattern, that's always easier than making one on my own. Still open for suggestions everyone! (I will say planning before the doll is here is a bit foolish. She might have a totally different look than what I'm seeing in her pictures.) Time will tell though, time will tell.
Also, for my final point of the day, I finally got some more snaps! My dad was going out to pick up some things and asked me if I needed anything. I didn't go since I needed to write, but I gave him the empty sheet of the snaps I had and asked him to pick me up a sheet if he found one. He came home with one, but it was different. It was basically the same, but it had both regular silver ones and black ones too. I guess Walmart got a different stock of them. I haven't used any of them yet, but I did take four and put them into the spares box to replace the ones that I used earlier. Anyway, see you tomorrow!

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