Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

Well, I think I'm finally getting better from this sinus infection. I'd say right now I'm at 75 percent of my normal health. I'm really estimating it, because I'm not really sure what's symptoms are from being ill compared to the fact that I haven't slept very well the past two nights.
Since I'm still dealing with my compromised concentration I decided to skip writing today, I may end up working on that tomorrow, but that all depends on how I'm feeling.
So instead I did some sewing. I'm working on a different Skipper outfit. I was using the adapted Blythe top that I tweaked way back when. You may remember I used it before for Skooter's dress I think... Back then I used the original pattern and not the adapted one that I made. This time I did the exact same thing, leaving me with a top with a terrible fit. Couldn't believe that I did that again! So I just threw out the original pattern, won't make that mistake again. I should have done that back when I first mixed them up, saved myself a world of trouble.
After I sorted that out, I ended up remaking the top with the correct pattern. It was then that I ran into my next issue, collars. They have single-handedly become the bane of my sewing experience, beating out inset sleeves and snaps by a wide margin. No matter what I try I just can't get them to come out decently. I'd say over 90 percent of my collars have some sort of major issue. If anyone out there has any tips or tricks about dealing with collars I'd love to hear them, like love, love, love to hear them. I'm seriously stumped. I didn't get very far with the dress because of that little sticking issue with the collar. I guess I'll have to try again another day.
I did manage to finish something today. While I was online looking for something I found out how to make a pair of underwear for male dolls. So I went and made a pair of Joe. They're a bit bulky and look a bit like a diaper, but I can make them! Haven't had that much need to make men's underwear, but I now at least have that option. And I'm sure if I thought about it and worked with it I could get rid of the bulk. They're mainly bulky because I lined them instead of dealing with hemming them. It was an interesting experience to say the least, although I did mess up several times. There's a failure pair in the trash now, but at least I made one pair.
Now before I sign off, I should share with you another teaser about my Birthday present. But I'm not going to. Instead I'm share something else with you, something I bought and am waiting for in the mail. And I have a confession, it's more shoes. I seriously am starting to think that this is a problem. But since I don't buy ready made doll clothes anymore, or dolls you can find in stores, I need to have some vices. Right now it's only fabrics and shoes (and the occasional vintage doll). I think I can let that slide. Anyway, over on Etsy a few days ago I found someone selling four pairs of those squishy rubber knee high Barbie boots. I'm not sure if I shared this with you, but I love these type of boots. They are just so classic and beautiful. I own one pair, but they have been taken and worn by my Modern Circle Barbie. And she's had them for years now. Charlotte used to wear them, but had to give them up. They are a pair of shoes that I missed having available. In fact for a while they were borrowed for the Steampunk outfit, until I got those brown shoes that worked better, and I returned them back to Modern Circle. I always keep my eyes peeled for them, and usually they are expensive and sell fast. Especially since Mattel stopped using them in their outfits, opting for more bizarre and ugly molds. But this time I found a pair in black, white, light blue, and light pink, for five dollars (plus two for shipping). The white and pink ones had some stains (that happens), but the other two were perfect. I thought about letting them pass me by, but I just couldn't let that happen. I needed them, I really did. So I snatched them up. They're going to be shipped tomorrow and will get here soon. I can't wait... I'm not sure when or where I'm going to use them at this exact moment, but I will tell you that I will use them. I can assure you that someone soon will be wearing these boots. Not sure if I'll be able to use the black ones with anyone other than Charlotte, she knows what happened the last time!

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  1. I love these style of boots too. I got most from when I bought all the Fashion Avenue's. I have these in white, blue, gray, red, black..

    I like these a lot better than the boots they sell now with the slits up the back. The boots that are supposed to be like these are a waste IMHO but so glad I have the ones I do.