Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

First off, Happy Mother's Day to all you out there. I hope everyone's day was a good one. Mine was. My day today was much better than yesterdays. I was in a sad mood yesterday, had another one of those dreams that I wish would stop, and it colored the rest of my day. But none last night, so I'm better now.
I didn't get to work on the present for Pedro yet today, it's just so boring. I know I'll get around to it soon, I just don't want to right now. It's a lot of pressure making sure it's perfect. But I did take some pictures for you guys to show you what I have been working on. First up is Sweet Sixteen's finished re-root: Don't get too attached to what she's wearing. It's a Barbie outfit that I just put on her so she's wearing something for the photo. It's not really her, so she's not going to wear it long. Still waiting to get some supplies for her actual outfit. Stay tuned for that!
Also here's the gift for Pedro that I worked on yesterday. That's also the doll that I'm sending him. The blouse is still the stand in, and the last thing I need to make. She doesn't get shoes because I don't have any that work, plus I'm a shoe hoarder. Again, stay tuned for more with her.
Since I wasn't planning on working with her, I had some free time to fill. I decided to work with my vintage one armed Ken who's been waiting for new clothes. I thought about some classic 50's looks. I decided on the letter man sweaters. It's cute, it's vintage, and it's that nice wholesome look that I like on my dolls. And I think that I could make a pattern that would work. I also in it's favor, I already had the correct materials on hand. I started out with making him some pants. I was still thinking about what color to make the sweater. For the pants I used that gray linen material that pops up from time to time. They're pretty simple, although I think I still need to work on them. I even pressed them, but they need pressing again. I got those finished before I started in on the actual sweater. I guess I was stalling, but I did get around to it.
After that I decided on what I was going to use for the sweater, some navy jersey knit. I thought about what pattern to use, and decided to try on the Barbie sweatshirt I made. So I took it off Sindy and tried it on Ken. It basically fit him, except it wasn't able to close at the neck. I figured I could fix that when I cut it out. So that what I did. Although, I did manage to mess up the fabric alignment and had to do some more adapting. It went along pretty quick with the stabilzer and all, until I was mostly done and went to try it on. And it was much too short. The sleeves were too high, and so was the waist. I don't know why this issue came up, but not too pleased about it. Didn't think there was much I could do for that, so I just started again, using a different pattern. This one had the opposite problem, it was too long. Mainly in the sleeves. Of course I only found this out after I was mostly done. So I had to undo it all and redo it. Fun, right? But it worked out for the best. The original one I had to do a turtleneck collar, which was interesting, but not what I wanted. With the second one I did a v-neck sort of deal. Did I mention that I gave up the letter man sweater? This second one went much better, it even fits better over the shirt compared to the first one. I also decided to add a necktie to the outfit. I stuck a piece of the red dotted fabric there as a stand in since it was still handy from using it yesterday to mimic the look. With my outfit almost done, I went downstairs to show my mom. Did I mention that I was using my Mom's ken as the fit model?
When I showed it to her she was all "Thank you!" and I was so confused as to why she should thank me. Apparently, she though the redressing of her Ken was a present to her. Which was fine with me, he did look good in it, and I thought about keeping him in it, but didn't want to upset her if I changed his clothes. But if it makes her happy, so be it. Besides I do like him like that. I got the outfit finished, and I'm ever keeping the dotted tie. It's cute. He still needs a few minor details to be finished before he's totally done, but we are making progress. I have to make him socks, and I plan on monogramming the letter "K" on his vest. He doesn't have any shoes to wear, but that's a story as old as time. What do you guys think? And I'm sorry one armed Ken, messed out of a new outfit again. He's the Charlotte of vintage Kens!

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