Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hey, where's my Wednesday post? Weird Blogger, weird.

I woke up this morning in pain, severe physical pain. I've been thinking about my working out a lot lately, and since I can't be bothered to do the cardio right now, I thought that I could at least do arms and stomach. Those are the two areas that I feel I need the most work. So yesterday I did some arm curls and some crunches, both a pitiful amount. But this morning when I woke up my stomach and arm muscles are killing me. I guess I overdid it, it has been a while. I'm giving myself a few days to rest before I start again.
Even though I was in pain (okay, it's really not that bad, just sometimes, if I sneeze ouch!), I did do the usual things for the day. Writing time! Again I'm still having trouble with the section I'm on. I got about a half page done on it before I changed directions. I jumped ahead to the next section and wrote a page and a half on that. I'm thinking that I should stop writing and begin the editing process again. Jump back to the beginning and read/re-write what I've already done. That's what I did when I was stuck on the previous section, seemed to work. Not sure if I'll do that, but if I do change direction it won't be totally out of the blue for you guys.
When I was done writing for the day, I started working on a mock up for a dress top I wanted to try. It's vaguely like a vintage Barbie top, with my sewing limitations tossed in. I did a couple tests of it, and while I think I'm headed in the right direction, there needs to be some more thinking done in my part before I consider it a success. Here's a picture of it.
After I gave up on that, I started to work on Sweet Sixteen's outfit. She's been wearing a Kimono (the dusky blue one), and while it's cute on her, I didn't want to keep her in it. So the earliest I got her into her actual outfit the better. I had color fasted the waistband of her skirt, so I was able to start the actual sewing on it. I got most of it done except for the seam reinforcement or the added snap. I stopped there because I had an issue, not one with the skirt, but with the outfit itself. Since Sweet Sixteen is so pale, and the fabric is so dark, I worry about staining. Midge was wearing an outfit like that one and got stained from it. I had already soaked the fabric in boiling water and you would not believe the amount of dye that came out. I was quite concerned about the skirt touching her, so I decided a while back that Sweet Sixteen was going to get some underwear for under her clothes. So I had to stop with the skirt, since I hadn't made her underclothes yet, I didn't know how tight or loose I needed to make it.
But, I didn't start that right away, after I finished the skirt I took a break from sewing. I put away Chatty Cathy from her fitting yesterday, and I changed her clothes for the summer. She's now wearing a cute peach colored dress that I made a while back (pre-blog). I'm thinking the other Chatty Cathy might get redressed too. I also trolled E-bay, I'm on the hunt for a new doll for my Birthday. I put a bid on something, but I've already been outbid. I'm saddened by that, but not totally shocked, I can't afford to bid much. While I was looking on E-bay, I decided something. I am starting a "for everyone in, one must go" policy. But they don't have to leave, I just have to post them for sale over on the doll show and sell page. And I was so into this, I already went and posted three dolls over on there.
It was the Donny and both Marie dolls that I had. They were the dolls that I had just because I found them locally cheap. I didn't really bond with them and their space could be put to other uses. I felt a little guilty putting them for sale, but I'm thinking about how someone else might really want them, and how I shouldn't stand in their way to happiness. How would I feel if someone else owned Charlotte and just had her "just because"? They're over on the doll page for 15 for all three or 6 each. Fell free to contact me if you're interested. I'm also willing to do trades, you know how addicted I am to shoes.
Even though I felt a little guilty about getting rid of them I also felt a little exhilarated. These three dolls were ones that I couldn't dress satisfactory. Even Donny, an early "Set it aside Sunday", was beginning to look like he needed new clothes. And honestly I wasn't that interested in redressing any of them. It would have just been busy work, and I detest doing that. Right now they're away with the other dolls I'm trying to sell. With this rush of posting the dolls for sale, I'm already looking at the other dolls that I will eventually post. It all depends on when. Right now there are several on the cusp; Elvis, Peaches and Cream, Dorthy Hamill, Princess Lea (Sp?), Luke Skywalker, and all of the Reproductions. Anybody interested in any of them? Contact me. But with the two dolls leaving (one Marie wasn't on display yet), two other dolls already took their spot. They didn't join the collection, but they moved from one spot to another. Edmund claimed Donny's white sneakers, and Vanessa got the stand I was using for Marie, so now she won't fall over as much. All of their clothes went into the spared bag. They're mostly early pieces, and very 70's. Although Marie did have one of the hand sewn turtlenecks (in yellow).
It wasn't until the evening that I set out to make Sweet Sixteen her underwear. I started off with the top. Again, it's the usual corset top, in white. Almost identical as the one I made for Charlotte, this one just doesn't have any blanket stitching, it's all done by machine. It closes in the back with three snaps. For fun I also added some ribbon straps to it. I also made her a pair of shorts too. I would have made traditional underwear, but the patterns I have all require the use of elastic, and I find that it adds a lot of bulk to the waist. And that's what I try to avoid in my fashions. These are the usual Barbie pants, just shorter. I also added a waistband to them. The legs are hemmed with the heart lace that I use often. I thought that since it has some volume to it, it would help push out the skirt, as well as keep it off her legs, so no staining. For some reason when I first made these they ended up huge, so I had to take them in a bit. Don't understand why some of those things happen, but they do. They close in the back with one snap, thank goodness!
After that I still wasn't finished. It was late at night and I got the urge to keep sewing. So I pulled though my patterns folder and found all the pieces for the sailor uniform top. After that I looked at the pieces and ended up changing one. The bust dart was much too high originally. Then I sat down and made it. This went together pretty quickly and easily (we're talking at like 11 at night here people.). Just looking at it compared to the ones I made, like a year ago, the change is apparent. This one is much nicer and better constructed. I changed a few things about how I did it compared to the first time. I only got the machine sewing done before I called it quits for the night. Photos of that later!

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