Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I guess it's time for another rant...

It's been high time since the last one, so I guess another one was just around the corner. Before I begin, I should tell you, I have another night's of poor sleep under my belt. I literally stayed awake until 6 am this morning. For some reason I could not fall asleep no matter what I did to try and remedy the situation. And when I finally went to bed this morning, I only got three hours of sleep, getting up at nine. So I know how I respond without sleep, I'm usually pretty crabby. I'm trying to remain calm and appear cheerful, but this might be what's fueling this little rant this morning.
Okay, onto the rant. Recently I've sold something (not from Etsy, that's again a lame duck), and for the first time in a while I had some free money to use. I decided that I wanted to finally purchase a vintage Casey doll, as well as aim for a couple other things. And so I've been bidding, and waiting, and getting outbid. And while I totally understand getting outbid, that's the name of the game, he who's willing to pay the most wins. But what I cannot stand are people who wait until the last second to snipe the auction out from under you. It's happened to me SEVERAL times over the past few days, as recently as this morning. People who wait until the last few seconds to put their bid in and try and beat you at the last second. That I don't feel is fair, like at all. Today I was outbid on another Casey doll, one that I was winning until the last 30 seconds. By the time I knew that I was outbid the auction was over. And this person bid 3 times trying to outbid me at the last second. It just sucks, it sucks I tell you. I know I shouldn't expect any manners on the internet (especially on E-bay), but it still seems like a really terrible thing to do. If I had been outbid in a more legitimate way I'd be fine with it. There's been several dolls and things that I've been outbid on. They simply get out of my price range, and while it's saddening, I accept it and move on. I guess I'm just mad at the fact that I wasn't even get the chance to up my bid because of this persons less than honorable actions. It just ruins any aspect of fair play. Honestly E-bay should instill a policy that only people who have bid before can continue to bid in the last half hour of an auction. That would get rid of the snipers and make more bidding wars early on. I know they'll never do it, but I just get so mad at those people who snipe. There's a special spot in Hades for them I know. And I don't want to sound bitter, but I am. So to whoever outbid me on that Casey doll, I hope she breaks. (Oooh, that's mean...)
But this isn't a post full of negativity. The other day (when I lost another E-bay auction), I ended up buying a few things that were on my want list, but what I was just waiting on. These things weren't auctions, and I figured they could wait until my auctions were over. Since I was getting outbid on auction's left and right, I was in a bum mood so I bought several things to cheer me up.
First off, I bought a vintage Barbie body I found on Etsy for eight dollars, including shipping. It's in pretty decent condition, and is only is missing a pinky. (I think, I could be wrong, I'm going from memory on this.) How could I pass up a price like that?
Next I bought a large order of Titan Barbie hair. I needed this for Skipper and I've decided to do that Mod Barbie head that I won over on "In the Pink" in that color too. She however does not have a body (more about that in a second). This cost me 10.27 including shipping since they were having a sale, which I believe is still going on., I might have spelled that wrong, I always spell it wrong.
After that I saw a post by Matthew Sutton over on "In the Pink", you might be familiar with the name. He makes and sells the most beautiful custom dolls, usually Silkstones. Anyway, he has a website that sells his extras. I've looked at it several times and have wanted to order from him, but never had the money. But when I was looking over his site, I found that he had a vintage Bubblecut head for five dollars. She needs a re-root, and she has a repaired neck split as well as some makeup retouches, but for that price I couldn't be that picky. I'm thinking that she is going to get rooted in Titan, like I need another re-root project to do. That's not the only thing that I got from him. He also sells certain doll shoes for a dollar! And you know me and my shoe addiction. I seriously cannot pass up getting more shoes. So I picked out nine pairs that I liked, thought I could use, or just wanted because. I picked up another pair of white sneakers that fit Skipper, Barbie, and Francie dolls because I don't have anymore spares. I also picked up a pair of white sneakers that fit the flat foot Barbie dolls because if you force them on they can fit vintage Ken. I forget the exact details of the rest of the shoes, they're mainly heels. A couple of them I took a gamble on and bought even though the details were hard to see. Hopefully I can use most of them, although it's not like I don't have bags and bags of shoes already. I spent 17 dollars for all that, including shipping.
Now I bought all of these the same day, throughout the day. Basically in order of introduction here. They all shipped yesterday. So I'm taking bets on what arrives first. I don't have anything to win, just for my own general amusement. Right now my Mom had them arriving in the order I purchased them. I have the hair, then the head/shoes, followed by the body. Now anyone can take a guess for any other order, or you can agree with any order that's already been mentioned. So what do you guys think?

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  1. Well sorry you got outbid on your doll but speaking as a sniper alls fair on ebay bidding. I don't place bids on any item I really want unless it's to break a buy it now. I put items on my watch until it ends. If I really want something I go for it especially if it's in my price range. I used to be outbid all them time on auctions but I learned to hold my bid and stop upping my own price.
    If they did stop people from bidding in the last few minutes it's a bad situation for the seller. Not rubbing salt in your wounds. I know as a seller I would be upset if my stuff didn't get the best bids. As a bidder I look for stuff and if I find it with a reasonable BIN I will buy it.
    I've bought from Matt before so I think you'll get his stuff 1st, then the doll body, and the hair last. Hopefully you'll make some more $$ and find some more goodies. I know I would buy a couple of your pleated skirts for the right price..