Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lame is the Niomi Cambell of Fabric...

Beautiful to look at but difficult to work with. You like that? It made me chuckle when I thought about it. Yes, I finally cut into the Gold Lame I bought a few weeks back. It was high time to make something from it, everything else from that shopping trip had been used. Last night I saw a cute gold lame cocktail dress online, randomly. It was very cute, but also very low cut. Since I don't have to worry about Barbie popping out, I decided to make it. I made a few tests last night, and wasn't really satisfied with it before bed. In the morning I realized what was causing my fit issues, so I made another muslin with came out much better. It was also very low cut. So I started to make the dress, with the actual gold lame! I was lining the top, and I chose some black broadcloth that I had kicking around. Need to get rid of it somehow. The top went together pretty easily, it's rather simple in it's construction. When I got to the skirt, I did change my plans. Originally it was going to be a shorter gathered skirt, but I decided to do a longer straight skirt instead. I thought it looked a little more sassy. I also gave the skirt a slit up the side. With this I actually used my invisible thread. My first time using it successfully with a project. And let me tell you, Lame is hard to work with! Every stitch shows, and if it gets stretched it shows. Very annoying. It does have a bit of give to it, so the machine likes to pull on it. When I was done with the skirt, I looked at it with the top, and didn't like it. With they way I designed the top, it had the straps going straight up onto the shoulders, which gave it the appearance of a vest, a cheesy metallic gold vest. Overall the outfit didn't have any of the interest or whimsy of the outfits I make.
So I went and made a different top. Basically the same top as originally, but this one the straps go off the shoulder and not over them. I got the majority of it done today, but when I was hemming the back the sewing machine kept messing up. For some reason it kept dropping stitches. It was really weird. Either way, I didn't get to finish it before it was time to leave the house.
The reason? My family was meeting my sister (and her fiance) for pizza in Siler City. She wanted to meet and give my Mother her mother's day present, as well as talk about the wedding. Lunch was good, and I didn't mind hearing about all the wedding plans. I think everyone had fun, and the pizza was decent. We're still searching for a decent pizza place locally, and while this one isn't local, it's nice to know that there's decent pizza out there.
After lunch I asked to go to the second hand store that was across the street. You know me and those types of stores, like a moth to a flame. This place was huge, but didn't have a lot of stuff. It was a PTA run store, and the prices were really nice. You could get hardcover books for a dollar. I got two books, one a tip book about sewing and one about the underhanded practices of Disney. (I'm a sucker for both of those things) I also got a book for my mother about kitchen remodels. They also had really decent prices on clothes too. You could get a two piece suit for 5.50. I need a suit for my sister's wedding since mine doesn't fit anymore and it was never really a suit. It was a pair of pants and a jacket. They had one there that was really nice, but it was a bit tight in the belly. So I left it. I'm not planning on losing much weight before the wedding. Plus it wasn't that nice. Their toy department was practically empty with only a few dolls, mainly baby dolls. So I didn't get anything there. Not sure when we'll be back locally, but I'd certainly look there again sometime.
After there we ended up stopping and getting a few groceries. I also managed to squeeze in a trip to Hobby Lobby, I had learned that this week flip flops were on sale. My Mom likes wearing them in summer, and I had actually purchased her a pair a few weeks earlier. I asked if she would like another pair in a different color since they were on sale. She did, so I was able to go... and get some things for myself too. I'm so bad! I got her a pair of black flip flops (the color she wanted), and headed off to the fabric section. I hit up the remnant section first, since that's where I usually head first to see what they have cheaply. I ended up picking up a partial yard of teal jersey knit. It was there last time I was there too and I left it then. I was walking around the section with it, thinking, was I buying it because I wanted it, or because I wanted to buy something? I decided that I was just buying it to buy something. In fact if I remember correctly, I have some fabric in the color already that I have yet to use. Even as I had the fabric in hand I couldn't think about a project I wanted to use it for. I really shouldn't be buying fabrics just to have it, I should be buying them for projects I want to do. So I put it back. I also looked though their cottons again. I had a project that I have been thinking about doing, but didn't have the material so I kept putting it off. It's more a "would be nice" compared to a "I want to make this!" sort of thing. What I'm talking about is the dress that Ann Marget wears in the title song sequences of "Bye-Bye Birdie".
Interesting side note about that, I remember watching that movie with my Aunt and Grandmother when I was very young. During the final part of that movie Ann Margret is doing some... shaking? and I commented on how "it looked like her shirt was stuffed with Jello". I also remember getting yelled at for saying that. Here's the youtube link if anyone's interested in what I'm talking about; Bye Bye Birdie specifically check out the little move at 2:15 and that shimmy at 2:25, I mean how could I not notice? I have eyes, and they are certainly on display. And what is that first move about? It's like a pterodactyl having a seizure. How did they explain that choreography to her?
Anyway, I've always liked that dress, and thought about making it. So I bought a half yard of this butter cream yellow. I wasn't sure if it was the same color as the original, but I thought I might as well buy the lighter color, and if it's wrong I would still use it for something, compared to the darker one which looked pretty icky. Looking at the video now, I think it's a pretty close match. Close enough anyway. Originally I was going to use some sheer for the dress since it looks pretty sheer-y in the video, but I thought about it, and thought that cotton was the way to go. I'm not too confident with sheers yet. The only time I've worked with them so far is with the ballet dress, and that was just overlays.
I didn't leave with just that however. While I was walking around I saw some large over sized diamond harlequin pattern cotton. I have a confession for you all, I love harlequin's, and ironically, I hate clowns. Go figure. I guess they're whimsical, not creepy. Anyway, with my ruffler, I thought that I might be able to make some fun and interesting pleated collars and cuffs for one. In my mind I cobbled together a costume on the spot. So I also got a half yard of that. My total came to be a little over six dollars, although looking at the recipt I think the checkout girl didn't give me my half off on the sandals. It's only a dollar, but still she ripped me off. I wish Hobby Lobby would get with the times and switch over to a computer system. Sometimes the checkout people have no clue what they're doing. Pssh, whatever. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get some sewing done with the new stuff, but I promised Sweet Sixteen I'd get her outfit done first. All she needs are some accessories and she's done. I'm sure Charlotte will be happy when she's done. I haven't had much time for Charlotte since she arrived!

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