Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Lookie what I got!" Part of the Second

After I was finished removing the old hair from Skipper, it was time for lunch. When I had finished making it, but before I had started to eat, the dogs began to make such a stir. Usually this means that there's someone outside. I looked out the window and saw that it was the postwoman, she was in the driveway dropping off a package. I watched her from the window, wondering what the package was, and hoping it was what it could be. I really hopeful that it was Sweet sixteen, even though it was still a day too early for her estimated arrival. After the postwoman left I tore to the front door to check. I glanced briefly at the package and saw that it had my full name on it, and my heart soared. Two packages in one day? I made it to the kitchen before I opened it. She was wrapped in a sheet of green bubble wrap. Oddly enough, that was all the packing material they used, even though there was a lot of free space in the box for her to bounce around on. I took her out and handed her to my Mom while I went to throw out the pull tab from the box. I let her open the doll and look at it first. She looked at her briefly and handed her to me, and I got to see my new doll in person for the first time.
And wow... just wow. I really like this doll. Her face is just so pretty, with her large eyes. Seeing her in person I am stunned how pretty she is. She looks practically brand new, save for her hair cut. I set her down and forced myself to leave her alone until I was done with lunch. I didn't want to get her all grimy with my dirty hands.(I made that dress, she came nude.) When I was done with my lunch and had washed my hands I was able to look at her more and really check her out with my own two eyes. I learned a lot about her from this experience. I'll try to share them with you, it might be a long read, so buckle up. I'll break it down by body part.
Her Head: Sweet Sixteen has a large anime inspried head. She has a similar look to Takara's Jenny, but with some major differences. Their head shapes are similar, but SS has more oval eyes, brown in color. Jenny's are more oblong in shape. They both share the same cute little nose in the style, but SS has nostrils. Her's is a bit more realistic in that aspect. I was lucky and the face paint on my doll is immaculate. It looked a little dingy in pictures and when I first saw her, but I wiped her down gently with just water on a q-tip and she cleaned up wonderfully. Her face paint is more pristine than most of my other vintage dolls. Sweet Sixteen's head is marked in one place, with "249" stamped in the back, partially obscured by her hairline. And on the topic of her hairline, she does not have a lot of hair plugs. She only has five full rows of plugs and her part line. Even her first row, (the hairline) they holes have a lot of spaces in between. I would say that her head is comparable to vintage Skipper in the amount of holes for hair, even though she's at least 2.5 bigger than Skipper. I haven't bothered to trim her hair yet since I'm not sure if I'll have the chance to start re-rooting her tomorrow. I've brushed her hair a few times just to get a general idea of how her hair should be, and it's actually not that bad. The hair quality fibers aren't as decent as Barbie's, but I've seen worse. They're still super white, and it's like that with every doll I've seen, so it's not like it's oxidized to that color.Her arms: Her arms I'd say are the vintage Barbie ones. They are a light peach in color. They have remarkably defined fingernails, but have no nail paint on them. I don't think she ever had nail paint on her before. They are also a different material than the vintage Barbie's. They are a bit more malleable than Barbie's. They're not that bendy, but when you push on the doll's fingers there is a bit more give than Barbie's. It's interesting to note that there is a visible seam along the doll's bicep. It looks like the lower part and upper part were made at different times. Vintage Barbie doesn't have this. I tried to take a picture of the seam joints, but couldn't get it to come out decently.
The Torso: I was incorrect when I said her and Barbie shared the same torso. I still believe that it's the same mold, but for some reason the marks are different. Sweet Sixteen has her markings on the small of her back. They read, "2 (Copywrite Logo) Mattel Inc. 1958 KOREA". It's the same date as Barbie's trademark, but in a different spot and without any roman numerals. Barbie or Midge is not mentioned anywhere. But like I said, this doll had nothing to do with Barbie, it's just weird that they bothered to remove her name from the markings.
The Legs: The legs are the standard Barbie straight legs, made from the same plastic as the arms. They are solid with molded toes, and no toenail polish. They too have mold joints at a weird spot, at the toes. I don't know if they were made separately, or just they started the toes earlier and finished the legs later, but it's pretty noticeable. Also she has these usual holes in her heels. Like a mold issue they they didn't correct. It's very minor thing to mention, and it won't be very noticeable with shoes on, but it's something to mention. Especially since Barbie as far as I know has never had that issue.
And that's her little review. I'm not sure if each doll shares any of the same issues or it's just mine, but I thought I'd share it with anyone interested. I'm super glad that I finally have one of her. She's certainly a valuable addition to my collection. Although, knowing me I'll be in the hunt for more soon. But first time for her re-root. Not sure if I'll start tomorrow or the day after. Love her!

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