Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Lookie what I got!"

I'll be frank with you all up front, I'm not firing on all pistons today (You can't say I haven't been honest with you). I slept poorly last night, so I'm still a bit groggy. My night was dampened partly because of the powerful and loud thunderstorm we had in the very early morning (Ka-Boom!), and because I was super excited about getting my Skipper in the mail. For some reason my mind was acting like it was Christmas Eve and didn't want to relax and let me sleep. Thankfully I fell into some somewhat restful sleep and made it though the night. Hopefully tonight I'll sleep better, since I got Skipper into my grimy mitts.I wasn't able to get her until around 11:15 in the morning, I won't lie, the morning seemed to drag on. My brother brought the package up to my room when he came home from school with my Dad. That's the package as a whole before I opened it. I eagerly ripped into it ready to finally see Skipper and whatever else Pedro had been kind enough to pack. Inside I found a bag with two dolls, as well as a smaller bag with some clothes in it.
I opened the bag with the clothes first. I found four thing inside. There was a home made red and white checkered Skipper sized top, and pair of unknown blue and white striped pants, a Mattel made Skipper shirt, and a pink nylon Skipper tagged pair of overalls. The Skipper shirt even still had the little "S" sticker on it, I've heard that those usually fall off. The overalls have a tag in them from Mattel in Spanish. Isn't that cool? I think it's cool. I think the red top is my favorite of all of these. It doesn't have a snap on the back and is designed to go over the doll's head, but I'm planning on changing that. I stuck it into the box for a Friday theme day. The other things all went into the Skipper doll clothes bag. I'm thinking I'm going to need an early 80's Skipper for these things, wouldn't she look adorable?When I was done looking at the clothes I turned to the dolls that were in the box. Included with my new Skipper was a Barbie. She was wearing a black swimsuit that needs some work. I tossed it into the box for Friday. The Doll herself was different. She kind of looks like Raquel Welsh, doesn't she? I think she's western Barbie, you know the one that winks. But she has a lot of issues. She doesn't have the melting issues like they normally do, but she doesn't have her eyelids. Instead she had some black foam pushed in her eyes to mimic eyelids. They promptly fell out when I was looking at her. You might notice that her hair is a little usual, that's because that's not her real hair. Her real blond hair has been cut short and under all of that. What you see is a braid of brown hair, glued at the ends, intertwined with some shiny silver and black fabric, held onto her head with a couple of straight pins. Unusual, right? Also her neck has a huge split up the back of her head. It's been sewed together with some thread. Honestly, I don't think there's anything I can do for this doll. She's kind of just beyond my skill level. It was sweet of him to send her along to me, but I really can't think of anything I can do for her. I think she may end up somewhere else than here.After that I turned my attention to Skipper. I started with taking off and looking at her clothes. The jacket was immediately swiped by Ricky. It's looks really cute on him, very Indiana Jones looking. It needs a snap on the bottom, and he can't wear his normal shirt underneath it, but it looks good on him. Her shirt went into the clothing bag, it's okay, but can't see someone wearing it right now. Her skirt went into the box to be fixed. Part of the Velcro is coming undone, so I need to fix it. The hat needs a little work too, so that ended up in the box too. So I was looking at Skipper herself, you remember how I thought she might have a neck split? Well, she doesn't have one on the side I originally though, she has one on the other side. So I popped her head off, and saw something weird. Normally vintage dolls have a ring that wraps around the neck knob. Skipper here was missing half of hers, it wasn't like it was a mold issue, it was like someone went and scrapped part of it out. It was weird. So I don't think I'm going to use this head. Instead I'm going to use a Skipper head that I already had. The one that I got today went into the re-root drawer, not sure if I'll ever get around to doing it with her.
The other head also needs a re-root, but she does have eyebrows so she has that in her favor (and a full neck ring). They are a nice reddish brown, so they will work with her (eventual) red hair. I spent my morning cutting off her old hair and using tweezers to pull out the roots from inside her head (boy does my thumb hurt). She does had an issue with part of her part line tearing, but I think I can work around that. (Finger's crossed) Right now she's sitting over on the bookshelf, using the braid under the hat to make it look like she has hair. I'm hoping that I can get her some hair soon.
Overall it was a really nice package to get. It was very sweet of Pedro to send me those things, really very sweet. And, I've decided what I'm going to send him as a thank you. Or at least, what I think I will send him. I have an 80's Barbie that I bought a while back, I think she's Angel Face?, or something like that. I liked her superstar face at the time, but we haven't really clicked. She's been hanging out in the hall closet for a while. I would hate to just get rid of her, but if Pedro would like her I'd be more than willing to pass her along. I'm going to make her a sheath dress for her so she's not nude, but I really think that's what I'm going to give him. What do you guys think?

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