Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A "Meh" Day

Still no Skipper today. She's still trapped in the post office waiting for my dad to bail her out tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow around 11:15 I'll have her in greedy little hands. Pedro e-mailed me earlier today telling me he checked the tracking number (never thought about a seller doing that) and how he had seen that it had gotten sent to the post office. I had to e-mail him saying that I too knew she was at the post office, and that I had to wait until Wednesday to claim her, explaining about how the postman didn't ring the doorbell. I also told him how I was planning on e-mailing him as soon as I had her in my possession. I need to remember to e-mail him after she arrives. Hopefully everything works out and I actually get her tomorrow. While I'm being mature about waiting for her, I don't know how much longer that can last, and it would suck to have to wait longer than I already have.
In other shipping news, Sweet Sixteen was in Grand Rapids, Michigan last night at 7:47. Apparently that's less than a half hour from Rockford Michigan, where she was at 11:30 that morning. It took her over sever hours to get there. I understand it was free shipping, but I didn't know she's be walking her way here. I'm hoping she made her way out of the state by now, but you never know I'll keep you updated with each development. I hope she has some decent shoes, or else her feet are going to be little nubs by the time she gets here. Which would not be cool, but I do have a pair of spare legs if it comes to that.
Beyond those updates (Although, are they really updates?) today was a low key day. I did finish looking though my patterns to see if I had something that would work for Sweet Sixteen, but I didn't find anything. It's weird because I have several Japanese sewing books, but they didn't have anything Gothic Lolita-like. You'd think that the country that brought that look to the mainstream would have something like that for doll patterns. Weird. Either way I think that I can mash together something passable from the patterns I already have and use. But really, the first slated for her is a re-root her. Her clothing will come later, after that's all done. Oh! And before I forget, I started writing an introduction photo story for her today, but didn't bother to save it. Would anyone be interested in seeing/reading one of those? I'd do one if someone wanted to see one, otherwise I won't bother.
After that I did mainly cleaning around the house. I got a few things done that I've been avoiding for a while (a loooooong while). There's now a working light bulb in the hallway again. I also did some laundry, it's out hanging right now. While I was cleaning the dogs were making such a fuss. Turns out the meter reader was out there, and even when he was gone, Pach was still making loud noises. Since my dad worked last night, and was sleeping, I went outside to shush him. He was super excited and was jumping all around me. And his teeth managed to make contact with my finger. He didn't bite me, he just smacked into my knuckle on my right index finger pretty hard. It's been several hours since then, and it still hurts when I put pressure on it, or straighten my finger. Oh, the joys of dog ownership. I can't believe my father wants a second one. I hope this issue clears up quickly, I kind of need to use my fingers. Not too pleased with the dog right now.
I really didn't know what to do with myself today, but it wasn't anything fun or exciting. Charlotte's still wearing the last think I made for her, and I just don't have any projects in the works for anybody. I guess I should really be thinking about what I want to make as a thank you for Pedro. I've been keeping my eyes peeled for any pictures he's posted to get a feel of what he collects, and I still haven't been able to find anything that really gives me any insight into his collection. I'd really only like to do this if I can think of something that he might actually use. No need to use my time and resources for something that will never get used. I do that often enough myself. Hopefully I'll come up with something that I think he'll like. Any suggestions?

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