Monday, May 16, 2011

Sewing Cabinet Catalouge, Drawer two, Part Two

Well my last post about this was back in October (Part one), so I think it's high time to actually finish this drawer, I've kept you waiting long enough. I actually had to go back and re-read my earlier posts about this to refresh what I've already done. It's been that long. If you're new to this, or also forgot, click the sewing cabinet tag and all of the previous posts should show up, they're on here somewhere.
Okay, onto the second part of the drawer. Here's the photo of the drawer in total. If you see something here that I didn't cover in this post, that means I covered it in the previous post, and you can find it there.First we have several pieces of what I assume to be beeswax. They're all pretty small and fit in the palm of your hand, and have a lot of wear on them. I think the three rectangular pieces all used to be one larger block that got broken up. The smallest piece has a thumbtack pushed into it, not sure why. The last one is more ornate than the others, kind of looks like a flower.Up next is something that I'm praying is another piece of beeswax, but honestly, it looks like poop. Not a fan of touching that one. Does anyone know what is it? (Please don't be poop.)Next is a white plastic shoe horn. It's marked on the back with "LAMA Montreal Made in CANADA" and the number 2. A quick Google search didn't show anything interesting about that. So I'm not really sure if the company still exists.After that is some what I assume is marking soap, maybe? It's three small pieces, but over time they've gotten all stiff. Two are gray and one is purple. I did test them out, and the gray one did leave a mark on the purple one. So that's why I assumed it was for making. Could be wrong though.There was also what I think is a stone. So many things have hardened it could have been something else at one time. It looks like a stone, about the size of the first joint of my thumb. Gray-green in color. The bottom is smooth, but the top has been shaped to a dull point. Could it have been for making corners? Anyone else's guess is as good as mine. Here's a view of the top and bottom.That was everything in the bottom of the drawer that I didn't cover in part one, now we move onto the little shelf thing. Here's a photo of it as a whole. I've already covered a few things in here already, but there's several I haven't. Also I should note, that there's the number "14" pressed into the wood on the bottom.
First off we have an Emory board, two pieces of chalk, and a Crayola crayon (orange).
After that is another bunch of needles in papers. They all have various amounts of needles in them in different sizes. Although all sizes are very tiny. That's some fine work you can get done with these needles. There's also a folded piece of card board. I think it must have been a divider for something, but I don't know for what. It's trash in my opinion.
After that we have a bunch of razor blades. Three on their own, and a box full of them. Personally these scare me, so I plan on avoiding them as much as I can. I do not like. The rusty one says "Ever Ready" the long one says "--1 WECK, U.S.A." on the front, and the back says "WECK, N.C." (How about that, some local products, even though this chest is from Connecticut.) The final loose one says "Gem Blades" on the front and the back, The patent number as well as "Made in U.S.A." The box is also from Gem Blades, "avoid 5 O'clock shadow" "Gem Micromatic Singular Blades". Apparently this company is still around. Not sure what the modern going price for them are now, but back then, you could get 5 for 25 cents.Next we have a little poker? It's a wooden knob that goes to a fine point. Could it be for making sharp corners? I really don't know.After that is some random things, some of which I don't know what it is. There's a screw, a key chain keyring, and this thing... It's small, a little over an inch made up of two rings and a shaft. The top ring spins. It's got markings, but I can't read them. I can make out the date 1874 and the word patented. Any idea what it is?
And last but not least we have a bunch of needles and some other things. I think the wooden thing is a shuttle? Not sure what the other large things are for. The rest are all hand needles of various sized and thicknesses.

And we've reached the end of this drawer! All we have is one left, hopefully I can get that done before the end of the year... hopefully.

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