Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sewing some stuff....

Today was a day full of sewing that I needed to get done. I started off finishing something I started last night. Do your remember that over sized cowboy print I bought a while back? I made that plastic bag holder for my Grandfather out of it, and didn't have a lot left. I was hoping to make a shirt for Chatty Cathy out of it, but didn't have enough. I realized that I could make a simple sleeveless shirt out of it, and make the back out of a different material, I mean, nobodies going to see it. The problem is, I needed that bright red calico to match the color of the fabric, and I didn't have enough. So that's why I bought that material yesterday. I also sewed it yesterday, leaving the final finishing details for today. I got it done, but it's still a little too big, so I think I might need to take it in a bit. You'll get to see it eventually, I promise.
After I was done with that I did some work on the start of Sweet Sixteen's outfit. I got the pleated skirt prepped and color fasted. Right now it's drying under some books. I've been meaning to color fast the fabric for the waist, but I keep forgetting. I guess I'll have to do that tomorrow. Still haven't bothered to work on the top yet.
After that I did some work on making Ken's socks. The vintage Ken that I made the outfit for the other day still needed his sock. So I made a pair... that were way too big. Not sure why they were too big, I guess the pattern wasn't labeled correctly. So even though I discovered this after I finished one of them, I still made the second one. It was easier than having one random sock finished, and I already had the other one cut out. I guess I now have a pair of socks for modern Ken, if he ever needs them. So I drafted another pattern that worked out much better for vintage Ken socks, and made a pair. Ken now has socks. I also tried to make the monogrammed "K" on his sweater vest, but with the material it didn't work out so hot for monogramming, so I gave up and took it out. I guess it's not meant to be. Still a plenty cute outfit without it.
After that for my last thing of the day I played around the ruffler some more, it's fun although for some reason I had an issue with a needle coming loose and getting bent. I need to get some more at the store. But it's fun, I just need to find a project to use it on. Hopefully soon you guys will see some project that I used it on, so you can see the wonders that it can do.
Writing day tomorrow! See you then.

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