Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday was a good day. :)

Well, I have some exciting news to share with you all. The E-bay auction I was bidding on ended this evening, and I actually won! I thought for sure that I was going to be sniped at the last second. All throughout the day I would rush to my computer when I heard the new mail noise, expecting it was a notification that I was outbid. Slowly the time ticked down until it was just the last minute. I held my breath as I watched the counter click down, and my heart was pounding. And I won! Nobody bid against me, which is good for me because I only bid the opening amount. I couldn't afford much more than that. Luckily I won with that, and I've already paid for it. You know what's left in my Paypal account? 41 cents. But so totally worth it. What I got was a doll that I've wanted for the longest time.
But I've teased you enough without revealing what I won (I didn't want to jinx it, or make more competition), so without further delay, I won a Sweet Sixteen Doll!
I'm not sure if any of you guys are familiar with her, the information about her is non-existent at best. (So whatever I say could be incorrect, there's no real resource about this doll out there I know of.) She's a fashion doll made by Mattel, I believe from 1976. She and Barbie share very similar proportions because they actually used Barbie's body for her. She has the older vintage body, made from a pale pink plastic. She doesn't have a twist waist, even though by that time Barbie had developed one. While from the neck down she's the same as Barbie, from the neck up she's vastly different. Sweet Sixteen's face is very anime styled. She's very similar to Takara's Jenny, but many years earlier, and made for the American market. She does have ties to another member of the Barbie family. She looks very similar to Japanese exclusive Living Ellie, also from the 70's. Ellie was just on a busy body, and had brown hair. Sweet Sixteen was on a vintage body type and had white blond shoulder length hair. I'm not sure if they are an exact match, but they're at least cousins.
While Sweet Sixteen shares so many of the same things as Barbie and friends, she and Barbie weren't technically connected. They were two separate worlds that didn't co-exist. She's like Micheal from the Young Sweethearts line. And like Micheal, Sweet Sixteen didn't last very long, and didn't make much of an impact. All she had was her own line of budget clothes, but that's it. You can find them on E-bay. But to add to the confusion of trying to find information about her, Mattel also released a Barbie with the same name as Sweet Sixteen, for Barbie's sweet 16th birthday. They really went all out making a big celebration for it, so whenever you try and research this doll, you have to weed though all the Barbie stuff (and there's a lot of it).
Sweet Sixteen hasn't really found much of a fan base, so I was able to find her over on E-bay, she pops up from time to time. I think you can even find one MIB if you look long enough for a low price. I know her clothing goes pretty cheaply, even MIB. I only paid 15.99 for her, and that's included free shipping. Mine looks pretty decent with most if not all of her face paint. She has all her fingers (and toes). Her only real flaw is that she's had a hair cut. And that's not actually a bad thing. I'm not a fan of the doll's original hair. It's just too white for me, plus it's a lower quality and never seems to age well. I've seen several lovely re-roots of this doll, so that's what I'm planning on doing. Since her hair is already cut, I don't feel guilty getting rid of it, and replacing it. She looks much better with darker hair. I still have some brown hair left over from Molly's re-root that I'm going to use that on her. According to Ebay she could arrive here as early as the end of the week (wouldn't that be amazing), so when she does that's what I'm going to do right off the bat. Actually when I was writing this, I got an e-mail with the tracking number in it. It's not saying anything yet, but when it does I'll update it for you guys each day. I do have some pictures of her to share with you all, these are of the actual doll I'm getting. I copied the seller's pictures shortly before I won the auction. Here they are.
Now even before I won her, I was already thinking about how I was going to dress her. It doesn't hurt to think, right? What I came up with is... gothic lolita. I know I'm usually all about the vintage day wear, but there's something about this girl that screams cutsy/girly/Pink! Probably because she's so anime looking. I want to make for her the most overly decedent pretty dress. Something like the steampunk dress, but pink-er. Tomorrow I'm planning on doing the research for it. But if anyone had any reccomendations, or suggestions, I'd love to hear them.
Can't wait for her to get here, and Skipper!

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